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Becoming A Fitness Model In Dubai, UAE

How to be a fitness model in Dubai?

The only time when being self obsessed is exceptional, fitness models spend a considerable amount of time not only admiring themselves in every mirror accessible but most importantly devoted to staying in shape and eating healthy. Though you must be 100% committed to fitness, you don’t necessarily have to be a star athlete to pursue this lucrative career.

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Why staying in shape is vital?
As a fitness model, your body is not only your temple, it is realistically your main source of income. You will have to keep your body in peak physical condition to be a successful model in this very competitive industry.

  • Fitness models have an athletic physique with toned muscles and very little body fat.
  • Some female models are bulkier than others; determine how bulky you intend on becoming from the get go.
  • Hopefully you’re already a gym member and not just reading this with the idea your body is anywhere close to perfection without training.  You will need to spend at least one hour in the gym every day without fail, combining cardio and strength-training exercises.
  • If you are seriously considering becoming a fitness model, you should definitely get a personal trainer to help motivate you stay in shape and in the gym consistently.
  • Eat clean! Your diet should consist of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This therefore means NO excess sugar, empty carbohydrates, fried foods, or alcohol drinks.
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes or do drugs of any kind.


Why being organized and disciplined is key to a successful fitness model?
Maintaining this greatly admired body of a fitness model requires a great deal of sacrifice and will-power. You will essentially be living the lifestyle of a professional athlete. In addition to spending your days in the gym and focusing on your diet, you will have to get in the habit of going to bed early and to the shocking realization to many of you reading this you will need to be prepared to sacrifice your social life at times.

  • Consider a diary to keep a record of your diet and exercise
  • Track of your daily workouts and the food you eat.
  • Manage your time so that you have enough time to work out every single day, regardless of other obligations you must be devoted to the gym.

Lets Kick Start Your Modeling Career

 Why learning to pose is important as a model?

So if you’ve followed the instructions correctly this far then you’re ready for the next step of your fitness modeling career. However, being a model is more than just the physical appearance: knowing how to properly pose is arguably as important as your attractive looks, and as such can make or break your career.
Posing in front of a camera takes a great deal of practice and doesn’t always come naturally to many people. Try to take pictures as often as possible so that you can get comfortable being in front of a camera, they haven’t invented the selfie stick for no reason!

  • Practice different poses in front of the mirror to figure out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Hire a modeling coach or take a modeling class.
  • Scour fitness magazines to learn how fitness models pose. Try to imitate some of the poses you see.
What Is A Portfolio And Do I Need One?
A portfolio is a collection of your best photos, and is your chance of showcasing your talents to prospective employers and agents. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos of you.

  • New models should include 6-12 photos when looking to be signed with an agent.
  • Your portfolio should be updated every month so that the photos are current.
  • Many agents with require that you include a photo that was taken no more than two weeks ago so that clients know exactly what your hairstyle, tan of course and body look like at the moment.

Finding an agent

If you want to get professional modeling jobs, you will need to be represented by a professional in the field. Your agent will represent you, alert you about job opportunities, and help match you with the right jobs.

  • Do thorough research to find an agent that you trust and feel comfortable with.
  • Send your portfolio and resume to prospective agents.

Take the responsibility of searching for work yourself

You don’t have to wait for your agent to secure jobs for you. Be proactive  pick up the phone and make endless calls, jump-start your career by constantly checking local listings for auditions or modeling gigs. Scour the internet, newspaper, and magazines to see what job opportunities are out there.


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