Are You Showing Signs Of Depression?

Depression undetected and not treated can be deadly, it has taken many lives throughout the years. With a significant rise of you teens taking their own life. In the beginning, it may start as a feeling of stress, a bad day at school or your boss has been on your case in what feels like forever and it’s becoming unbearable. Many fail to realize that depression doesn’t just disappear, nor is it as simple as you’d first think, it’s so much more than a bad day. The power depression posses doesn’t come with a straight forward answer, many suffer small symptoms whilst others are forced to sit in silence and for this reason allow depression to gloom them in darkness.


Where does it all begin – Looking for signs of depression.

Finding yourself uninterested, even the things you used to enjoy : This type of symptom can be very self destructive, it’s not that you had a bad lesson and couldn’t concentrate, you totally begin to distance yourself from the real things you enjoyed, watching movies with friends, playing outdoors or as simple as music and movies. Losing all enthusiasm and joy can soon become very daunting.

Struggling with sleeping pattern : Normally people suffering from depression will be tormented both in their dreams and their inability to sleep. They will experience high anxiety levels, endless thoughts and fears will constantly be swarming their heads making it almost impossible for the body to find rest and gradually fall asleep. Other people will find comfort in sleeping throughout the day and finding themselves in a muddle when night time comes around.

Feeling random rush of anger and irritation towards everyone and everything : At times depression can really play mind games with its victims, switching moods as if it were a button. A main reason detecting depression is positive early, is so that people can get the help they need even if it’s simply a few hours a week with a specialized therapist.

Feeling lonely and hopeless : The feeling of never being able to find strength and things will ever get better is what causes many who suffer from extreme depression to attempt suicide or self harm. You almost feel abandoned by everyone, or ashamed that people will be disappointed that you can’t get your life together. When you’re constantly failing it can only push you to self criticize and resent yourself even more each day. The inner demon can take control and influence negativity into our minds. This is another symptom that needs major help and can only be done if the person suffering from depression choices to speak to a therapist about it.

Feeling pain : Surprisingly, many people who seek advice will complain of body pains instead of mentioning their mental state. And it’s not their fault, the brain works in such a way when suffering depression that it processes what’s going on in your head as an actual physical pain.

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