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8 Symptoms That You May Have A Diabetic Heart Disease

Diabetic heart disease (DHD) is the name for heart disease found in people with diabetes. It is usually fatal if not treated, however, there are some symptoms to take note of to know if you have the disease or not:

1. Angina


Angina is a very common sign of any heart disease and it is caused by the supply of a less sufficient oxygen to the heart, leading to extreme pain in the chest.

2. Pains in other parts of the body

body pain

Asides the chest, it’s likely you will feel pains in other parts of the body, like the shoulders, arm, neck, upper abdomen, back, teeth or jaw and the throat.

3. Feeling dizzy


Dizziness is a common and significant sign that a heart disease is around the corner. You tend to feel dizzy more often than normal. It comes with a feeling of light headedness that sometimes make you feel your environment is spinning.

4. Shortness of breath


This has to do with difficulty in breathing. It signifies that there’s a disease in the airway, lungs or the heart.

5. Indigestion


There will be gastrointestinal problems and indigestion, which is not always severe in most cases. This is also associated with the reason why older people get heart attacks more, because they have a higher incidence of indigestion.

6. Nausea


This is the discomfort or uneasiness you feel in the stomach accompanied with an urge to vomit.

7. Excessive sweating


Also known as hyperhidrosis; it is a case where you sweat more than you should, irrespective of the temperature around you.

8. Fatigue


Often, you’ll feel extremely tired and exhausted, having done little or no work, and lacking the energy and motivation to work effectively.


Hopefully, you have read through the 8 signs of diabetic heart disease, and will be able to recognize any of these symptoms when you notice them, particularly if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes.

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