Eating Weight Loss

8 Super Foods Good For Your Weight

The quality of foods we eat play a vital role in our general health. Many people don’t realize this, and so they keep eating anything they feel like and at the end of the day, some of those foods do more harm than good to their health. But today we’re not going to talk about foods that are bad for you. Rather, we’ll be discussing certain super foods that are ideal for you.

These foods mentioned below are not just healthy for your body in general, but also help burn excess body fat, thereby, helping you lose more weight.



This fruit is fat-free, low in calories and energy density, and high in filling fiber. Oranges which contain sugar has the potential to burn fat if it is not to burn up. The fiber in oranges helps regulate blood glucose levels. Orange is not the only fruit ideal for weight loss. Fruits, in general, have been discovered to be very useful in the whole weight loss process.



This is not only full of protein but is also fiber-rich. This two nutrients combined together, help you feel satisfied for a longer period of time. Plus, while your body tries to break down the protein and the fiber, it expands more calories in the process. It also contains vitamin B12 and iron which is very essential for weight loss.



This fruit is a fat-burning food that can kick-start your metabolism. Eating half a grapefruit before every meal leads to a greater weight loss. Sniffing in grapefruit oil effects your liver enzymes, which can help to nix carvings and spur with the loss.

Pine nuts

pine nuts

Pine nuts contain a fatty acid which leads to the release of a high amount of an appetite suppressing hormone. This will help you avoid certain unhealthy foods.

Hot pepper

hot pepper

Having a meal with a spicy hot pepper added to it helps burn down extra calories faster because pepper contains capsaicin which is beneficial to weight loss.

Turkey breast

turkey breast

Turkey has a lean source of protein which makes you feel full. One of the best ways to prepare the turkey for the best nutritional benefits is to roast it. Frying is the most common way, but we would strictly advise you against doing it.


Olive oil

olive oil

Other oils which are considered as bad fats can be replaced with olive oil. This oil has less or zero calories and is available in almost every supermarket and shopping centers. Raw Olive oil could also be applied to the skin to improve skin’s health.



The lean protein found in salmon reduces calorie intake, meaning helping you lose weight. Instead of eating red fatty meats and junk foods you can include salmon in your diet to replace them.


These foods are not rare foods. They’re basically foods that you can find around. But that doesn’t mean you should underestimate the superpowers these foods carry in them.

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