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7 Junk Foods to Avoid in Order to Lose Weight

Most people like to “take it easy” sometimes and go out to eat instead of slaving over the stove for a proper meal. A lot of people are  living on a budget and so when they realize that eating fast food is actually saving money, they are more likely to do so more often. The problem however, is that it is called ”fast food” for a reason. A lot of shortcuts are taken to ensure maximum taste which involves chemicals which trick our brains into eating a lot more than we’re supposed to and because the food itself is unhealthy, portion sizes are for giants and the calorie amount is sufficient for a rhino, weight gain is not only possible but inevitable.

Fortunately, this article will teach which fast foods to avoid and hopefully, you’ll be able to make a more informed choice when you drive through your favorite place.

1. Burgers


Step away from the burger! That burger you so enjoy with a smile on your face as you feel yourself becoming gradually satiated is filled with chemicals that trick your brain into thinking that yout stomach is still hungry thereby, creating a miscommunication between the two. That’s why after every meal, you feel as though you gut is about to implode.

2. Fried foods


You know those delicious fries you just can’t stop snacking on? The deep fries ones at the burger place? Do you know about the oil in which it is fried? How old the oil is? If you’re eating them right now, you probably should put that one down and listen up. Potatoes on their own are fine, but when deep fried in 3­ month old dehydrogenated, dirty oil that has filtered and reheated more times than could be comfortably counted, it goes from natural to toxic in less than a minute!

3. Soda


We don’t know who came with the idea of creating a carbonated­, highly sweetened­-pre­diabetic drink but, it was a toxic idea which we are now having to deal with. Today’s sodas contain more artificial dyes, carbs and added sugar, which is known is to be very harmful over time; it can even cause liver and kidney damage. It also has negative effects on the endocrine system i.e. the hormones.

4. Pizza


Pizza. When done right, it can be very healthy and delicious but people have become too lazy to create healthier versions of our all-­time favorite meal. The ”traditional” pizza is high in simple carbs and very low in fibre, protein and lacks any nutritional value.

5. Shakes


Milkshakes are very delicious…..if made at home. Otherwise, it is just a tall glass of diabetes and obesity filled with artificial sweeteners, dyes and flavors; even small cup of milkshake can contain up to 450 calories! If you a shakoholic, just invest in a good blender and buy locally grown fruits and low­fat milk or any milk of your choice and you should fine.

6. Desserts and Snacks



Cookies, chocolates, Donuts, Jelly pie. These are probably a sweet spot for some of us. But the truth is, no matter how healhty desserts are, it is not advisable to have them every day. And since only a few of us actually pay attention to the amount of sugar and butter in the various types of desserts and snacks, it is best to not eat them frequently; may be only weekends. Then, during the week, have something a bit more ”conscious” and healthy. Examples are; gelatto and fruit salad.

7. Bread


Not all types of bread are bad. There’s sour dough, wholewheat, rice and many more but the bad one is the white bread; the one made from the bleached, white flour which only spikes your insulin levels due to its high glycemic index, which then increases belly fat. When belly fat is increased, it affects the whole body by releasing excess stress hormones. It’s a vicious cycle.


So there you have it! 7 junks foods you should to tally stay clear off.

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