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7 Healthy Snacks For Efficient Weight Loss

Taking snacks is an opportunity to strengthen your body in- between meals, so cutting down on your snacks in order to reduce the number of calories that you burn is more like a detriment to one’s self, because it stops you from being completely starved before meal time and increases your fat burning metabolism. Here are s 7 healthy snacks that you can use to for your efficient weight loss;

1.Greek yogurt with raspberry and honey-

greek yogurt

This is very creamy and delicious and at the same time still very healthy and is capable of helping you to burn that excess fat that you are not comfortable within your body.

2.Grapes and walnut

grape and walnut

This is a healthy and powerful combination of natural sugars, fibers, and protein and these make for long-lasting energy.

3. Freekeh foods


This is ancient roasted grains that are a great improvement to rice and other grains, the major ingredient is roasted grain wheat which is its original blend which makes it the perfect packaged snack for consumption mostly by people who really want to lose weight.

4. Grains bar

grain bar

Apart from helping to burn fats, grains help to lower your cholesterol. Grain bar depending on the contents e.g. gluten free oats, brown rice, quinoa, millet, and buckwheat, meets up with the body’s daily requirement of whole grain.

5. Edamame –


this is a preparation of soya bean in a pod. Just a cup of this is able to meet at least one-third of your body’s daily fiber and protein needs. It usually lasts longer when you suck them straight from the shells.

6.Cottage cheese –

cottage cheese

this is actually one of the bests, it just mostly consists of protein with very little carbohydrates and fats. This is a very good way to boost your protein intake, very satiating makes you feel full with low calories in it. Dairy products which are high in calcium have been shown to aid in the fat burning mechanism.

7.Nuts –


Although they are high in fats, they are not fattening. It is an excellent snack, they contain a balanced amount of fiber, protein, and healthy fat, eating nuts can improve metabolic health and even assist weight loss and they are so munchy that they cause you to eat less.



As long as your snacks mostly contain a combination of carbs, protein and healthy fats you are good to go. The different things we eat go through different pathways in the body and therefore a breakdown in separate locations, other healthy snacks may also include chickpeas, grapefruit, almonds etc.

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