7 Health Benefits of Napping you Should Know

Nap is a brief sleep, especially during the day. For many, napping is likened to laziness, but the good news is that it has tons of benefits that you probably do not know of. Extra sleep helps to boost your memory, reduce stress, and maintains your health. There are several other amazing health benefits and we’ll be pointing out some below.

1. It is the laziest form of stress management

The world we live in today, opens us to stressful activities; leaving the human body and cognition weak. This could cause an increase in high blood pressure, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. One of the ways to manage stress is by taking naps during the day; this will help your body to handle anxiety and regulate your blood circulation effectively.

2. It cures indiscriminate hormones

Lack of sleep messes with the frontal lobe of the brain, known as the hypothalamus, which is involved in judgment, impulse control, and sexual behaviour. When this occurs, the individual involved may not be able to think, act, and behave normally, due to the disruption of hormones in the body. Napping can cover up for this and make a balance in the hormones.

3. Provides memory boost

Study has shown that those who sleep often, and take naps during the day have an improved performance on cognitive tests of memory and vigilance, compared to those who spend lesser hours sleeping.

4. Improves alertness

Naps have also been known to improve alertness, and this study has been carried out on sleepy military pilots and astronauts. You can take a quick nap before driving your car, to avoid drowsiness from the stress you have undergone.

5. It improves mood

When the body is subjective to so much stress, the body uses higher levels of serotonin, which would block the production of more. This leaves the body impaired; causing anxiety, irritability, depression, distraction, and so on. Napping helps to trigger new production of serotonin, thereby keeping the body back in its normal state.

6. It improves health

The body normally releases cortisol hormone, also known as the stress hormone. If released in excess, it can lead to an increment in glucose intolerance and abdominal fat, which in turn would cause muscle weakness, and affect every other functions in the body system. All these can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, leading to heart failure and eventually death. To avoid this from happening, adequate sleep is required; napping can be incorporated.

7. It makes you more productive

Napping results in productivity, as it manages your energy effectively. Managing time and resources may not be all to being productive; take different naps during the day and do things smarter and quicker.


Napping isn’t synonymous to laziness, and with the benefits already mentioned, you should know better how much you’ve been missing out if you have not been taking naps. Keep your naps short and be consistent with them.

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