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7 Classic Signs of Poor Mental Wellbeing

Most people experience poor mental well-being at some point in their lives. There are various factors that can negatively affect your mental well-being such as divorce, daily life hassles, exams, meeting deadlines, breakups etc. It is not always easy to gauge poor mental well-being or the severity of it. Here are 5 tell-tale signs of poor mental well-being.

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1. Inability to concentrate or think clearly

People experiencing poor mental well-being find it difficult to concentrate or think clearly. This is because our brains are programmed to work under specific conditions and unfortunately, poor mental well-being isn’t one of them.

2. Sleep problems

This one’s a giveaway. Changes in sleep patterns (sleeping too much or too little) is one of the most common signs of poor mental well-being. Humans, generally, need seven to nine hours of sleep, daily.

3. Weight and appetite instability

Mental issues can have an impact on weight and appetite. People experiencing rapidly fluctuating weight and changes in appetite usually have underlying mental health problems like depression or an eating disorder.

4. Emotional outbursts

Changes in mood are normal and everyone experiences them. Sudden and dramatic changes in mood, however, is a symptom of poor mental well-being. It is especially common in people who bottle up their feelings.

5. Anxiousness

Especially if it is constant and disrupts your life on a daily basis, anxiety is a sign of poor mental health. Common Symptoms of anxiety are shortness of breath, restlessness, headaches and heart palpitations (if it’s severe).

6. Quiet and withdrawn

It’s always healthy to have some alone time on occasion. Withdrawing from life is a huge indication of poor mental well-being or even worse, it could be a mental health issue.

7. Substance abuse

Not only is this a sign of poor mental well-being, it is also a contributor. Substances like alcohol and drugs (mostly illegal) have been scientifically proven to be factors that stimulate poor mental health.

Feeling guilty and worthless, loss of energy and changes in behavior (speech, changes in habits and dress) are also signs of poor mental well-being. Not all people experience all these symptoms but if you (or anyone close to you) are experiencing some of these symptoms and it is worth seeking proper medical expertise.

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