6 unhealthy foods that will slim you down.

Not all foods that are tagged as unhealthy are actually unhealthy, there are a lot of foods that their fat content and nutritional values are not properly understood and they have been tagged wrongly and people tend to ignore them. Here are 6 foods that are considered unhealthy but have slimming down effects.

White potatoes –

White potatoes

because of the popularity of low-carb diets, white potatoes have been put in the black-book. These are actually powerful hunger tamers, that can help to slim you down. A study that measured the satiating index of 38 popular foods, researchers food the potato to be not only filling but satisfying than dietary demons like cakes and the likes and are very healthy picks.

Red wine –

Red wine

red wine is known for its heart protecting properties. But it is not known for its weight loss properties which it should be. Researches discovered that this shade of wine contains a compound that is called piceatannol that binds to fat cells’ insulin receptors and prevents maturity and development.

Coconut oil –

Coconut oil

this contains more saturated fat than most of the cooking fats, which has given it a bad name. The oil is loaded with fat, but its medium-chain variety. This sort of fat has little effect on cholesterol levels and converts into energy readily than other fats.

Cheesy popcorn –

Cheesy popcorn

home-made air popped popcorn without the fat-laden add-ons is actually a low calorie, fiber-rich, whole-grain snack that can ward off hunger- causing crashes in blood sugar.

Burgers –


red meat is an oft-vilified protein source, is jam-packed with a nutrient that can supercharge your workouts. Not getting enough of this nutrient can cause your body to burn fewer calories, meanwhile getting adequate amounts of calories
can keep your metabolism humming and boost your energy, which allows you to hit the gym with gusto and sculpt your body the way you want it to be or how you have always wanted.

whole eggs –

whole eggs

many people have bought the idea that egg white is the best, and that the yellow one has too much cholesterol and increases the chances of getting a heart disease. Recent research has shown that cholesterol levels are impacted by the types of fats in our foods, not just its cholesterol content. Yolks contain nutrients that will help lower the risk of heart disease, with the inclusion of protein, vitaminsB12 and D, folate and riboflavin.

basically, people tend to misunderstand and confuse the concept or ideas that are involved in the content of food, those that are tagged as unhealthy are actually the healthy ones and vive versa.

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