6 Things You Should Know About Tabata Training.

You might be excused if the first thing that popped into your mind, as you read that headline was, “What in the world is Tabata?” It probably sounds a bit more like the name of a board game than an exercise technique but, believe it or not, Tabata training is one of modern science’s favorite workout techniques. It’s understandable if you’re still skeptical, but read on to find out 6 important facts you should know about Tabata training.


1. Tabata is a relatively new training technique developed by a Japanese scientist named Izumi Tabata.

The basic principle is based on High Intensity Interval Training where you perform an activity at a very high intensity with short rest period in between. Tabata training was developed when Izumi Tabata and his colleagues conducted a study comparing Regular moderate intensity training with high Intensity Interval Training, and found out that the fitness gains from HIIT where far greater than those for moderately intense training.

2. Tabata is meant to be done in four minutes

Regardless of how fit you might or might not be, Tabata training is meant to be done in four minutes, so for really busy people, there is no longer any excuse. In four minutes of training you could reap fitness gains that exceed what you might gain in an hour of moderately intense running.

3. Tabata training is great for strength development

one of the challenges with cardio is that some of its techniques, while they enhance overall cardiovascular fitness, promote muscle loss. When used with resistance training, Tabata also helps to build muscle endurance much better than regular resistance training.

4. Tabata is not an exercise itself

Tabata could be described as an exercise enhancement technique that helps you get the most out of exercise by following a specific time pattern. You can use Tabata with any cardiovascular or calisthenics exercise by performing an activity at ll out intensity for 20 second periods with 10 second rest intervals for a full four minutes non-stop.

5. Tabata enhances both aerobic and anaerobic training

Tabata is a full spectrum cardio workout, enhancing both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, even though the technique is principally anaerobic based.

6. Tabata training can significantly enhance post-workout metabolism

Tabata training not only burns fat at a rapid rate, it causes a spike in metabolism rates eve after exercise whih is what helps to keep your body burning calories.


Of all the training techniques out there, this is perhaps the one best suited to people who would like to improve their fitness but don’t have hours of spare time to dedicate towards this goal. Tabata takes only four minutes so you really have no excuses. Try it today, and thank us later.

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