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6 Herbal Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

Many of us long for that naturally gorgeous complexion, and it has always been a major concern for women especially. Unconsciously, we tend to try every product that claim to give us that glowing look, and eventually get disappointed when they do not work as supposed. We usually do not think of the fact that a glowing skin can result from a healthy living, and in the long run, the chemicals in these products can damage our skin.

However, the best and almost perfect way of keeping the skin glowing at all times is to go herbal. Herbal products are effective and easy to purchase.

Below are some herbal beauty tips that will give you that long desired skin you want.

1. Cucumber juice and glycerine

cacumber juice

This is very effective in summer time and can successfully replace your sun-protection lotion. Squeeze out the juice from a fresh cucumber, mix it with equal amount of glycerine and rose water. It is more effective when refrigerated. Apply on your skin constantly and observe changes in few days.

2. Milk


In this case, you should get very good milk, since you will be applying it to your bare skin. This will replace your chemical-made skin cleanser. All you need to do is deep cotton wool into the milk and wipe your face with it. It goes deep down into your pores and cleans some unseen dirt.

3. Almond oil

almond oil

Almond oil works the same way as the milk, but more effectively. It clears any form of dirt on the skin and protects delicate skin beneath the eye. Dip cotton wool into the oil and wipe your face carefully, and beneath your eye. Do it at least once a day; before bed or before your early morning bath.

4. Apricots and yoghurts


Blend apricots and yoghurts to get a smooth paste before applying on the skin. This is an herbal skin moisturizer. For an advanced skin treatment, you can add orange juice and lemon juice to the paste. Apply it on your face as a mask and keep it on for 15 minutes. Clean it off with a facial wipe or wet tissue, and watch your complexion glow over time

5. Cooked oatmeal and honey


Mix cooked oatmeal and honey together, and you have just made one of the best herbal skin moisturizers. Asides the fact it’ll help to keep the skin moisturized, it also serves as a good cleansing agent. All great benefits wrapped in this; more reason you should give it a try.

6. Honey and cream

Honey and Cream

A blend of honey and cream (of milk) is a very good skin conditioner, and favorable in winter times. Mix more of the cream than the honey, and give the mixture a very good blend. Apply on your skin; leave it on for some minutes before washing off. It keeps the skin soft and glowing.


A very interesting part of using herbal products is that it is usually not as expensive as the ones that contain chemicals. Most of these things used are what we find in our kitchen, so we tend to spend less and glow more.

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