6 Health Benefits Of Planking

Planking, also referred to as the plank, is an exercise that requires and builds great strength in the abs, back, and shoulders. It is similar to push-ups, but planks lack the dynamic motion involved in push-ups. Instead, the plank is an isometric exercise that requires individuals to maintain a particular stresss position for some time.



Like every other exercise, it works towards health stability and fitness. There are several other benefits attached with planking that many people are probably not aware of. We’ll be sharing with you below, 7 ways the plank exercise can benefit health:

1. Mental health


Planking is one of the very few exercises that plays a role in improving mental health. Strenuous work through the day, would normally give rise to stress due to some muscles being overworked. However, planking helps to stretch these muscles and reduce stress. This process plays a great role in stabilizing mental health.

2. Improves mood

improved mood

Every exercise has its way of improving moods and planking is definitely not the exception. It will help to relieve some stressed-out muscles that might be affecting your mood, and will further help to keep you feeling alive and agile.

3. Lose belly fat


loose fat

One of the best ways to maintain or achieve a flat and smart-looking belly, is to plank often. This exercise greatly helps to tone the abdomen, by shedding excess fat that has been stored over time. This will eventually prevent some other health risks.

4. Gives a correct posture


As long as planking is done accurately, with little or no errors, it will help in maintaining good posture. The parts of the body associated with posture are the back, abs, chest, shoulders, and neck, and these are affected by effective planking, as it helps to keep the body straight and upright.

5. Flexibility


Another amazing benefit of planking is the increased flexibility of the posterior muscles throughout the body. It also has great effects on the collar bone, shoulder blades, and the muscles that surrounds the shoulder, improve upper body flexibility tremendously.

6. Prevents back pain

back pain

Planking helps to strengthen the core, and overtime, when it is strengthened, the risk of having back pain will be greatly reduced. The back gets stronger due to this, and will be able to do more tasking things.


Planking is an easy exercise with a relatively simple procedure, and although it seems easy, it could be painful at first. Over time, however, the body gets used to it and the health benefits attached will be obvious. Consistency is key to achieving all these benefits, which is why planking should be done consistently for effective results.

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