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6 Exercises For Easing Lower Back Pain

Lower back exercises are very needful as they help to strengthen not only the lower back, but also the stomach and leg muscles. These exercises will also help build stronger support for the spine and relieve back pain.

Lower back pain is common in adults and it often arises from muscle strain or injury. It is however important that you seek the advice of a health care professional on the kind of exercise to do, which will most likely depend on the severity of the pain you are experiencing.

Below are some lower back exercises that can help to ease lower back pain:

1. Aerobic exercises


Aerobic exercises such as swimming, walking, running, and jogging, should be encouraged, as they help to reduce back pain. It is advisable to start off with more familiar exercises and shorter sessions, and increase your efforts over time.

Exercise can also be beneficial in other areas, helping to strengthen the lungs, heart, and blood vessels, and also aid in weight loss.

2. Partial crunches


Partial crunches help to strengthen the back and stomach muscles, and if done effectively, help prevent excessive stress on the lower back. Lie in a supine position, bend knees upwards, with feet flat on the floor. Interlock your arms and place behind your neck; tighten your stomach muscles and raise your shoulders off the floor while you breathe.

Try not to lead with your elbows or arms to pull your neck off the floor. Hold for a second, and lower back down. Do this repeatedly—as long as you can—and effectively for an awesome result.

3. Wall sits

wall sit

This is done by standing about 10 inches from the wall, then lean back till your back is flat against the wall. After which you can slowly slide down, till you have your knees slightly bent, and lower back pressed to the wall. Hold for a count of 10 or more, then slide back up the wall. You can repeat this for 10-12 times or more.

4. Knee to chestknee to chest


Lie in a supine position, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Move one knee closer to your chest, while the other foot is left flat on the floor. Press your lower back to the floor, and remain in this position for 15 to 30 seconds, after which you can alternate sides.

5. Bridging


Lie on your back, with your knees bent upwards, and heels on the floor. Proceed by pushing your heels into the floor, and clench your buttocks with hips lifted off the floor. Once this is done, you should ensure that your shoulders, hips, and knees are in a straight line. Hold for some seconds and slowly lower your hips to the ground. Rest for few seconds, and repeat.

6. Press-up back extensions

press up

To do this, you have to lie on your stomach with hands under your shoulders. Push with your hands, while your shoulders begin to lift off the floor or put your elbows on the floor directly beneath your shoulders. Remain in this position for as long as you can. It helps to stretch the back muscles and ease pain, if done appropriately.


Pain in the lower back can disrupt daily activities and can also lead to some health complications like headaches, and pains in other parts of the body. With exercise, you can help ease whatever pain you might be experiencing in your lower back.

These exercises should be done consistently, for effective results.

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