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5 Ways To Beat Stress Fat

Many of us will agree with the fact that stress, for most people, is almost a lifestyle. Most people would recognize and acknowledge the fact that stress is very unhealthy, but might find it surprising to learn that it could also lead to weight gain. Research has shown that even with healthy diets and consistent exercise, chronic stress hinders weight loss.

Every time you undergo so much stress, the brain signals to the cells in your body, triggering a burst of adrenaline and cortisol, which would cause the body to recharge stored energy—even if you haven’t used so much calories. The amount of cortisol released per instance, depends on ow much stress you were under. This process may also lead to hunger.

To beat this process, and prevent fat from lead to weight gain, or making weight loss more difficult, read on to see five easy tips for dealing with stress fat.

1. Do not rush meals


Under stress, it is very possible to rush foods, without even realizing that you are. With this, there’s a possibility of eating in larger quantities, which encourages belly fat. Thus, it is advisable to eat little at a time and observe every feeling that comes with each bite. This way, cortisol levels would be reduced.

2. Indulge in you cravings


Stress will naturally cause you to experience cravings for sweet and salty things. When this happen, you shouldn’t totally ignore the feeling. It’s okay to give in to cravings as long as you do it in moderation. For instance, you could have a piece of chocolate, rather than a whole box.

3. Reduce caffeine intake


The combination of stress and caffeine results in a raised level of cortisol. If you’re already having problems with stress, you might have to quit caffeine totally.

4. Eat more breakfast


Vitamins are vital for health and any deficiency in the needed vitamins would cause an increment in cortisol. This can be prevented by eating healthy and rich breakfasts consistently.

5. Sleep more

sleep more

Getting enough sleep helps to maintain stable health. A lack of sleep would increase cortisol levels, and stimulate hunger and appetite for more sweet and salty things. An average of 7 to 9 hours daily, should be committed to sleep.


The reason why you are not losing weight as you ought to, might be due to chronic stress. If that is the case, then you should try using these tips for beating stress fat.

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