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5 Tips That Can Help You Maintain Your Running Speed

The only way you can ever improve your speed is by having a regular training regimen. As such, it’s imperative that you have training plan designed to address the specific demands of each event. That means training your body for the exact physiological challenges, teaching your body and mind how to push through the tough parts of a race, and perfecting a pacing strategy that allows you to run on the edge of your abilities.

1.Nail good form

proper running techniques

The key to running (at any speed) is to practice proper running technique. That means keeping the upper body tall yet relaxed, striking the ground with the mid-foot landing under the hip, and swinging the arms forward and back (not side to side!) at low 90-degree angles.

2.Improving speed endurance


One mistake runners make when training for the 5k or 10k is running lots of fast VO2 max workouts, which improves the speed component, but doesn’t specifically target your ability to hold a fast pace for an extended period of time.

Consider a workout like 6 x 800 meters at 3k pace with 2 minutes rest. This is a great VO2max and speed workout. However, it’s not very specific to the demands of the 5k since the 3 minutes rest allows you to effectively recover fully between each repeat.

A better workout to prepare specifically for the 5k would be something like 6 x 800 meters at goal 5k pace with a short jogging rest at 85 percent of marathon pace. An example for a 20 minute 5k runner would look like: 6 x 800 meters at 3:10-3:15 w/200 meters jogging (8:35 pace) rest between.

In this instance, you’re teaching yourself how to run 5k pace with as little rest as possible. By not fully recovering and jogging quickly between repeats you still improve your ability to run at race pace, but you ensure you have the aerobic strength and support to maintain goal pace on race day.

Use interval training. There are several benefits to interval training that will help you get the most out of your runs, and increase your stamina.[1]

3.Improve cardiovascular capacity.



Endurance running can take wind out of you. By using the interval training, you’ll increase your anaerobic capacity (oxygen-depleting). And when you combine this with aerobic capacity (oxygen-building with easy runs and long runs), these will end up making you faster.

  • Burning calories. Bursts of energy (the high-intensity part of interval training) will increase the amount of calories you burn. This is true even for relatively short bursts.
  • It adds interest to your running routine. It may seem a small thing, but boredom with your normal running routine can make it much harder to stay motivated.

4.Add weight training to your running

weight training

Weight training increases your running economy, which means that you use oxygen more efficiently during your run. Try doing free weights, machines or other strength training exercises three times per week.

5. Change your diet

change diet

Cut out refined carbs and eat more lean protein and vegetables. Also, eat smaller, more frequent meals.


It is possible to actually improve your speed. It might take a lot, but at the end of the day, it’ll be worth it.

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