5 Tips on Building Back Muscles

Adequately building back muscles requires an understanding of the muscles found in the back. They include the latissimus dorsi (largest muscle in the back and helps to pull the arm down towards the pelvis), the trapezius (powerful muscle that helps in adducting the scapular, pulling the shoulder blades down and elevating the scapular, i.e. shrugging) and smaller muscles which include the teres major, rhomboids and others that help to protect the spine and keep it erect. Here are 5 tips that will help you get that desired V-taper:

#1. Get ready to pull


Learn how to pull properly to avoid building more of your biceps than the back muscles.
Try using a light grip instead of holding the bar too tight. This helps you create a mind-muscle connection but you could grab the bar tighter during heavy sets.
Remember each rep starts from the shoulder blades and they go back before the arm bends.
If possible use an overhanded grip to prevent working the biceps too much and focus on your elbow going toward your ribcage and not the wrist.

#2. You need strength

strength training

Muscle building generally requires you to get progressively stronger as you will need to add more weights or reps to your routine. Progressive heavy helps to build your muscles to cope with the weight. It is common for people to go over the board on their pulling and could end up building their biceps and lower back, making you have a funny form. During pulling exercises, try to keep your chest up during each and every rep. Your chest doesn’t have to hit the bar but come close and try to make your chin touch it.

#3. Incorporate pull-ups to your daily routines


Starting your workout with pull-ups has shown to be effective in building your back muscles. You should try varying your grip during each set or each day. Pull-ups not only build your back muscles but also works on your biceps, forearms, rear deltoids, and abs.

#4. Establish a mind-muscle connection

Muscle Connection

To build any part of your body, you have to feel that part via a mind-muscle connection. You could try lightening the load you use and try to imagine the weight is behind your elbow and you have to push them down and back, this prevents you from thinking of pulling with your biceps. You could have a partner place his hands on your latissimus muscle while you perform chin-ups, this helps you feel them throughout the set.

#5. Try stretching your latissimus


Remember the latissimus is a muscle and gets tight after a workout. Try stretching them fully after your workout to prevent or reduce shoulder pain which could give you a bad posture. You could achieve this by hanging from a chin-up bar as long as you can and remember to improve with time. Also, remember to flex your latissimus in between sets.


There you have 5 tips on building stronger back muscles. The time to start is now.
And remember your back consist of about one-third of your muscle mass and generally requires more pulling.


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