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4 Ways to Burn Extra Calories While Asleep

When it comes to losing weight, the thought of going to the gym could seem impossible and you would wish you could just sleep and lose weight. The good news is losing calories while asleep is very possible if you follow the tips below:

#1. Eat frequently

eat less

Eat small meals frequently, during the day, to help increase your rate of metabolism. Your body uses energy to digest food and so it makes use of calories. Increased metabolism means more calories burnt during digestion while starving or staying hungry makes your body slow down its metabolism so it can ‘save’ calories. A safe guide is to eat every 3 to 4 hours but only eat when hungry and do not overeat. Stick to high fiber foods and limit the intake of fat, especially saturated fat and sugar.

#2. Eat before going to bed

deciding on what to eat

Skipping meals slows down body metabolism and this leads to more calories been conserved. Ensure to eat something before going to bed to keep your metabolism going. Increased metabolism during the day also means increased metabolism at night, while you sleep. A high-fat meal before bed is not advised but ensure to eat about 90 minutes before sleeping to avoid indigestion and increased belly fat. You could have a protein shake before bed because it has proven to boost metabolism.

#3. Increase muscle mass

mass muscle

Unlike fat, muscles burn a lot of calories because they need energy for contraction. Naturally people with a higher muscle mass than fat will burn more calories. Exercise helps to build your muscles and increase your metabolism throughout the day. Adding cardiovascular exercises also help you burn extra calories. Exercises like deadlifts, squats, lunges, push-ups and sit-ups are resistance exercises that help to keep your body toned while increasing your rate of metabolism.

#4. Let the cold in

lady sleeping

Turning down the heater in winter or leaving the air conditioner on keeps your body active. Colder temperatures make the body burn its fat stores, especially belly fat, to keep you warm and maintain homeostasis. Since brown fat stores in the body are metabolically active, it is easily burnt to help regulate the internal temperature of the body. Freezing temperatures are not advised because it makes you shiver and doesn’t produce the same effect.

#5. Regular exercise


With regular exercise, you get to lose calories during your workouts and also keeps your metabolism high all day and night. Cardiovascular exercises not only help you burn excess calories but also keeps you healthy and protects you from cardiovascular problems. Resistance training is also useful in burning calories and increasing metabolism.
Remember to also stretch out those muscles after an intense workout to ensure proper muscle relaxation and reduce the body pain that comes with exercise.


When it comes to weight loss, consistency is always the key. Remember, what is worth doing, is worth doing well.

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