5 Things That Could Make Employees Less Receptive to Corporate Wellness Programs

The idea of corporate wellness has received a lot of positive attention in recent times, and for good reason: successful corporate wellness programs often lead to a more productive workforce and less expenditure on medical bills, both of which add positively, to a company’s bottom-line. The problem, though, is that in most companies, employees do not share the same level of enthusiasm for these programs as management does.

You would think that everyone would jump at the opportunity to improve their health and become more productive at work, but the reality is often the reverse and a lot of people have indicated that they don’t believe their company’s wellness programs to be in their best interest. So if you’re about to implement some wellness plans for your company, or you’re simply wondering why the staff response to your existing wellness program is unexpectedly poor, then read on to see the top five things that could make employees less receptive to corporate wellness plans.


Illusion of good health

One major hindrance to staff engagement with corporate wellness plans is the fact that a remarkable number of people believe that their health and fitness are better than they actually are. The smart way for companies to solve this challenge is to organize in-house medical screenings that my reveal any hidden challenges staff may be having with their health.

It might also be the case that some staff may not realize that certain lifestyle choices are harmful to their health, so making sure that all staff are effectively educated on the risks and dangers of certain behaviors is another really smart idea.


The truth of the matter is that devoting any significant amount of time to going to the gym or going out for exercise, might be very inconvenient for busy people who spend most of the day at work, in traffic, or picking up kids from school and etc. Understanding this fact, places a responsibility on employers to create opportunities for their staff to get reasonable amounts of exercise.

Inappropriate design

Something a lot of people fail to realize about fitness and corporate wellness is that one size cannot possibly fit all, so individual employees should have their unique health situation and health needs, taken into account specifically.

Lack of Willpower

Having a lack of will power to commence and complete a fitness plan is a challenge that is common to almost everyone. The good news is that having someone to remind, encourage and prod you on is likely to help people stay much more consistent and committed to their goals.

In Conclusion…

When designing and implementing a corporate wellness plan, these factors will need to be taken into careful consideration in order to prevent staff from simply ignoring the whole policy altogether, as happens quite frequently.

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