5 Reasons You Might Want to Substitute Using The Elevator For The Stairs

People spend the better parts of their day propped up on an office seat or whatnot that they just don’t have time to exercise. While using the elevator makes life easier for us, truth is, using the stairs might take more time but it is by far more beneficial to your health. Since you are working with gravity, it builds muscles mass and even burns calories.

1.Lower body exercise

lower body exercise

 Climbing the stairs is an excellent lower body exercise and concentrates on areas like the butt, tummy, thighs and hips. It makes those areas toned and firm and just accentuates your composure as a whole. So those ladies who want to have a firmer, more visible behind, you might want to take to climbing stairs

2.Burn calories

burn calories

Yes, using the stairs makes you burn the calories, the fats and in the end helps you shed the pounds. Climbing the stairs burns more calories per minute than walking and taking 10 stairs is equals to the calorie burn of 38 steps on level ground. Here’s a tip for heavier people, the your get to burn more calories than thinner  people because you have more of a challenge using the stairs while working with gravity.

3. Mentally good

mentally good

Climbing the stairs is also said to be mentally good for you. When you use the stairs, your body releases a chemical endorphins which compels you with the feeling of happiness and calm and which then in turn boosts your ability to concentrate an focus more. And think about it from a general point of view, isn’t it better to use the stairs than wait in line for the elevator for can be so annoying?

4. Longer life

longer life

Climbing the stairs is also known to give you a longer life. This is believed to be true because it cuts down your risk to injury as it increases the strength in your bones and muscles. All in all, it improves your health as the little exercise it offers will help your body to be less prone to all the little aches and injuries that can so easily be avoided by being more physically active.

5. Good for the Heart

Healthy heart

It improves the health of your heart it can reduce and control your unhealthy cholesterol level (which can help with diabetes) and pumps up the good cholesterol level which can also moderate your chances of being prone to health issues like hypertension.


While it is true that the elevator is more convenient as its efficiency level when is comes to time is by far ahead of climbing stairs, there’s also no disputing that stairs climbing the one of the free work out methods out there. I means, it deducts a healthy 30 minutes of the overall workout that you need in a day. And it does not require any workout equipment. What could be easier than that?

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