5 Reasons Why You Should Play Volleyball

Volleyball can be played as a competitive sport or for social interaction indoors or outdoors. Volleyball is good for you because it; maintains your health, fitness, builds strength and agility.

This article shows you more on why you should play volleyball.


Calorie and fat burner: This is the primary benefit of playing volleyball (and most exercises) especially if weight loss is on your agenda.

A research carried out by Harvard Medical School reported that an individual could burn as much as 90 calories during a thirty-minute minute game of recreational volleyball.

Increases metabolic rate: Playing volleyball increases your stamina and energy level. This will not only enable you play better and longer volleyball matches but also better your stamina performance in every other energy consuming exercise.

Better toned body: Volleyball involves using the whole body to play. This activity strengthens the upper body including the arms and shoulders, along with the lower body.

Improved cardiovascular fitness: This is the fitness of the heart, considered by Professional trainers to be often eluded. The heart is a muscle that can also be trained. A sport like volleyball works the heart and improves the rate and stamina at which your able to perform strenuous activities.

Improves hand-eye coordination: There is a big amount of this involved in volleyball. When you serve a ball, you must follow through with your eyes and strike the ball accurately. That’s on the strike, but also, in defense you need to react swiftly to wherever the ball goes and be ready to hit back to “enemy territory”.

This coordination improves everyday athletic activity.

Emotional and mental benefit: If you ever talked to an athlete just from a volleyball game? You may notice a bright mood. Volleyball can improve your mood,and  reduce stress.

This activity can also boost self-confidence, esteem, and just make your moods brighter. Involvement in this sport can improve your motivation and drive to succeed. As a team member, you cooperate with your best efforts to see your team win. This leads to mutual encouragement among team members which is a big morale and confidence booster.

Increases aerobic performance: This involves the use of oxygen to meet energy demands during low to high intensity exercise through aerobic metabolism. Research has shown that you use the same amount of energy playing an easy recreational game of volleyball as you would use to jog a mile. Amazing?

Builds coordination, speed, and balance: Due to the quick changes of pace and direction, this sport places a large strain on technical and physical skills of a player. Players have to do a lot of serving, passing, blocking and the like.

Doing this already requires total body strength and speed. Playing more of this sport can only build or improve these attributes in you.






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