5 Kinds of Foods to Avoid for People With Diabetes


For people with diabetes, it is really important to watch what you eat in order to avoid further health complications such as excess weight gain, heart disease, and uncontrolled blood sugar levels, as these will all hinder your treatment and recovery. Given the fact that these complications are primarily caused by eating certain foods, you simply cannot afford to take a proper diet for granted and to help you maintain the right diet, we have compiled a list of common foods you should avoid if you have diabetes:

  1. RaisinsRaisins

Naturally, without sweeteners, Raisins contain a concentrated source of natural sugars which, are very concentrated and can lead to a high blood sugar level in the body. You don’t have to completely forgo having some raisins every now and then, though, the key is to enjoy them in moderation.

  1. CandyCandy

Eating too much candy is not just bad for your teeth, but it could also increase your blood sugar levels and even cause you to gain more weight. Some people with diabetes opt for non-sugar candy but the truth is, these types of candy are still quite high in carbohydrates and will eventually cause your blood sugar levels to spike.

  1. Whole milk

Whole milk has a high level of saturated fat which could increase the resistance in insulin production, which is bad news for any diabetic person.

  1. White RiceWhite Rice

Rice happens to be a common food in most places all over the world but eating too much of it could actually increase the risk of developing diabetes, and could also worsen it’s symptoms in people who already have it. This is because rice is loaded with carbs and is very easily converted into sugar in the blood.


  1. Fruit Juices
    Fruit Juice

A common mistake a lot of people make is thinking that fruit juice provides the same amount of nutrients as natural fruits. But while natural fruits are rich in fibers and carbohydrates, which are good for diabetic people, juices are filled with a large quantity of sugar–enough to spike the blood sugar levels.


The kinds of food you eat will play a significant role in how your body manages and recovers from diabetes. Even if you don’t have this condition, you should still pay careful attention to what you eat.

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