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5 Healthy Foods That Could Sap Your Energy

Do you regularly feel tired for no apparent reason and find it hard to keep up with your workout routine as a result? While there may be a number of reasons for this, one major possibility is that you’re consuming high amounts of some energy sapping food(s).

Perhaps you were not even aware that there any such foods that could sap your energy levels and make exercise and physical activity more difficult for you; you will find this article helpful, as we show you 5 usually healthy foods that could actually be sapping your energy.

1. Coffee


You might have heard quite a bit on how coffee is such an amazing energy boosting miracle food, including from us here at, and might therefore find it surprising that coffee is at the top of our list of energy draining foods. The reason is quite simple: while the beneficial properties of coffee are really quite immense, the problem is that lots of people overdo coffee, drinking several cups throughout the day.

As with most things in life, too much coffee has negative effects too and these include leaving you feeling energy drained after a while. The real problem with coffee lies in the specialty brands which have sugar levels that are way too high, containing on average, about 35 grams of sugar—the equivalent of 8 teaspoons of sugar in one serving. The problem with sugar is that it raises energy levels but only for a very short while, after which they drop massively, and leave one feeling drained.

2. Yogurt


Yogurt is an amazing health food that is not only rich in protein that aids muscle building, it also provides healthy bacteria which are good for the gut, and helps in burning belly fat. However, most types of yogurt that are readily available in supermarkets have been heavily processed and contain massive amounts of sugar.

3. Bread


Everyone loves a bagel, or some other sort of bread in the morning, and while these are not unhealthy in moderate quantities, they do contain amounts of sugar that could be harmful to your energy levels when taken in excess. White bread in particular is the major culprit to watch out for as it contains alarmingly high levels of refined carbs which quickly turn to sugar in the blood and eventually cause insulin resistance, which is often the precursor to several major health complications.

4. Fruit juice and smoothies

fruit juice smothies

Natural fruit juices and smoothies have a number of health benefits including being loaded with vitamins and fiber, and can help in weight loss. The problem with these foods is that despite their undeniable health benefits, when taken in excess, they may have harmful effects. Studies have shown that fruit juices contain levels of sugar that are way too high for human consumption, and people who drink too much of juices such as orange juice are actually more likely to develop obesity.

5. Wine

fine wind

Both white and red wine have numerous health benefits (though red wine is the preferred option), with benefits in particular for heart health. However, alcohol in any form will have an impact on your energy levels as it is typically a depressant and will make you feel sleepy. Asides this, alcohol is also loaded with low quality calories.


You might not need to forego these foods completely, as they do possess some qualities that are helpful for health, and although in excess these foods will sap your energy levels, some of them, like coffee, will actually provide you with a massive and sustained energy boost. The key is moderation.

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