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5 Foods To Avoid In Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition associated with a high level of sugar in the blood, over a long period of time. Individuals with this condition should be extra careful of what goes into their stomachs. Unknown to many of us, most of the regular foods we take daily are dangerous to our health, as they can contribute to weight gain, heart complications, increase in blood sugar level, and so on.

Below are 5 major foods that should be avoided in diabetes

1. Raisins




Raisins naturally contain concentrated sources of natural sugars that can spike the blood sugar level. It is quite easy to grab and sweet to ingest but its side effect can be very dangerous, especially for someone with diabetes. And if at all you can’t avoid it totally, ensure you take it in minimal quantity, as a 1.5-ounce box of a natural raisin provides 34grams of carbohydrate.

2. Candy



Candy is sweet, no doubt, but it has a very high effect on the blood sugar level and also contributes to weight gain. Although they are low in carbs, they are rich in fats and calories, which won’t be too good for your health. And as much as opting for non-sugar candy is advisable, it should also be taken in minimal quantity because being sugar-free doesn’t make it carb-free. So, it is best advised to stay away totally from them

3. Whole milk

Whole milk

The high level of saturated fat in whole milk makes it a dangerous food for people with diabetes. The saturated fat increases the resistance in insulin production, which in turn would worsen diabetes.

4. White Rice

 White Rice

Rice is a common meal in the world today, and virtually everyone eats it. It consists of carbohydrates that can be easily absorbed by the body and end up increasing the blood sugar level. Ingesting very high amounts of rice can be dangerous to the health, and for an individual with diabetes, it’s best to take it in minimal quantities

5. Fruit Juices

 Fruit Juices

Many of us tend to think that fruit juices can be substituted for natural fruits, which is not always true. Natural fruits are rich in fiber and carbohydrate, while fruit juices are often times packed with sugar that can spike the blood sugar level.


If you have diabetes, you should be aiming at getting good and proper health, which won’t be possible if you keep taking meals that would worsen your condition. Above, are meals you should try to avoid as much as possible and if you would take them at all, be moderate.

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