5 Food That Exacerbate Diabetic Heart Disease


Heart disease is one of the long-term complications of diabetes, though it could take years to develop. However, there are foods that exacerbate the relationship between diabetes and heart disease, and could lead to a person suffering both at the same time.
Unfortunately, most of the foods that are responsible for this are quite common and might be considered desirable by many, but at the end of the day, particularly for people with diabetes, they could be worsening your health. Here are the top five common foods that are detrimental to your heart’s health, especially when you’re diabetic.

1. French Fries

French fries


Fried foods in general are not healthy for the heart because of their high saturated and trans-fat content. Consuming these two fats in high amounts not only has a negative effect on your heart but on different parts of your body and can also lead to diabetes.

But in the case of French fries, they could be even more damaging because you’d be frying a pure chunk of carbohydrate and also adding salt. There are few worse combinations for people with diabetes.

2. Sausages and other processed meats

Sausages and processed meat


Researchers has discovered that processed meats including bacon, ham and hot dogs have the ability to increase the risk of heart failure. Most people believe that the worst type of processed meat is bacon, but recent research has proven otherwise. Sausages have a higher saturated fat content and this is what makes them more dangerous than other types of processed meat.

3. Red meat and pork

red meat and pork Red meat and pork

Just like processed meat, red meat has a high content of saturated fat, and a high amount of cholesterol. These two put together can cause a lot of damage to your heart’s health. Red meat also contains another dangerous element called L-carnitine. So it’s important that you lessen the amount of red meat you take in, especially if you have diabetes.

Pork on the other hand might not be as dangerous as red meats, but yet it still has a negative effect on your heart’s health due to its considerable amount of saturated fat; so don’t go eliminating red meat from your diet and replacing it with pork and think that you’re doing yourself a favor.

4. Pizza


As delicious as pizza might be, it is just as bad for health. Pizza has a high content of three items that are not heart friendly: The crust is high in carbohydrate and sodium, and then the cheese and sauce usually also contain a considerable amount of fats and sodium (depending on the kind of cheese). All these put together cause a whole lot of damage to the heart.

However, you can still have your pizza, as long as you chose healthier options. For example, whole-wheat crust pizza with olive oil, sliced tomatoes and goat cheese is a healthier choice.

5. Butter, Mayonnaise, Salad cream and other sour creams

ButtermayoSalad creamSour cream

Some people can’t just eat without any of these three. They just have to include it in everything they eat. Well, butter and all these other sour creams are bad for your health. They are high in saturated fat and also have a considerable amount of cholesterol, which are both bad for your heart’s health.


In a nut shell, stay away from fried foods in general and any other foods that are high in saturated and trans fats and cholesterol. Fill up your diets with more healthy choices like nuts, vegetables, fish, fruits, whole grains and so many others.

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