5 Fitness Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Hitting the gym and actualizing your dreams and goals could be quite motivational but there are certain mistakes even professionals make and should be avoided.

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t seem to see enough results after a month or more of training then you’ve probably got your answer right here. Read on to see some of the fitness mistakes that you might have been making unknowingly.

#1. Eating too much before your workout

Everyone has a different rate of digestion so it is generally advised to wait for about 30minutes or more, after eating before hitting those exercises. Eating before your workout is good as it provides the necessary energy needed to finish your workout, but eating too much, on the other hand, slows you down and could cause stomachache because your body diverts its ‘attention’ to cope with the stress of the exercise instead of digesting the consumed food.

#2. Stretching before workout

Studies have shown that stretching, especially static stretch, before a workout reduces your performance. It’s generally needed to do some warm-up exercises to ‘wake’ your muscles up and get them ready for what’s to come. Dynamic stretches like ‘the bridge’, could be a good choice but remember to perform the regular stretch after your workout to help loosen tight muscles.

#3. Overworking your body

overworking the body
It is advisable not to allow your goals overcloud your body strength. Generally, the body responds to any new stimulus, so hitting the gym for the first time has its effects without overworking the body. To avoid crashing, your muscles generally need time to heal and you could increase your intensity as you slowly start to tolerate your workout. Avoid jumping into advanced workouts and add new routines, say after every two weeks, to avoid doing the same thing over and over again, leading to boredom and loss of interest.

#4. Giving up too early

giving up
One major thing people fail to realize is that changing from an exercise free life to one with a lot of workouts is a major change for your body. It takes a few months for your body to adjust to the change after fighting back with a lot of muscle ache and exaggerated increased heart rate. Your body then starts to respond with fat loss and muscle gain but if you are lacking enough calories, your body tries to preserve the available ones, thereby defeating the whole process.

#5. Nutrition

People easily make the mistake of changing their entire eating habit in a bid to ‘diet’. This has a negative effect as it makes you find new cravings and easily fall prey to temptations to former diet. The idea is to gradually get rid of foods that are not healthy and with time you notice you can get through without them and not miss them at all. It is advised to take carbohydrates, protein, and fat in a 40:40:20 ratio of calories. For example, taking a 2000 calorie diet requires you take 800 calorie carbohydrate, 800 calorie protein, and 400 calorie fat. Your amount of calorie intake daily generally depends on your aim at the gym.


Getting rid of these common mistakes make you ready for the physically active life and ensure to learn more about your diet, muscle, and exercise to enable you to enjoy the whole new experience.

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