5 Crazy Ways The Weather Influences Your Health And Behavior

If you’re a human being living on this planet, chances are you’ve had some opinions about the weather. But the way weather affects you may go deeper than that: The temperature and conditions outside have a direct effect on how you feel physically and mentally, according to a growing body of research.
If you notice a change in your overall mental or physical function with the fluctuation of the forecast, you’re certainly not imagining it. Below are some of the ways the temperatures outside can influence your well-being and overall behavior:

Extreme weather could lead to psychological problems

People who live in areas with intense weather events, like hurricanes or tornadoes, are at a greater risk for mental distress. While the storm is stressful as it’s happening, the aftermath of the event can also have a lasting psychological impact.
And, in fact, researchers are tying mental health issues directly to climate change: Approximately 200 million Americans may be exposed to increased psychological problems such as increased anxiety or substance abuse due to climate-related issues, according to a climate report from the National Wildlife Federation.

Sunny days are linked with a mood boost

While it’s not a sizable impact, brighter weather could have a brighter psychological impact. A University study found that people who spend at least a half an hour outdoors in pleasant weather (think about spending the first warm spring day in the park) saw happier moods.

Intense heat can lead to health risks

High temperatures increase your risk of heat-related health risks. Both dehydration and heatstroke can have an influence on your behavior and have the potential to cause brain damage if it’s bad enough, Brent Solvason, a Stanford University clinical associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, claimed.

Temperate climates may be linked to more joy

Moderate weather = Better mood? Research suggests there’s a link between temperate climates (think on the warmer side) and self-reported happiness. Places with hotter-than-average winters and cooler-than-average summers appear to boost residents’ mood. And who could blame them? Better weather means more opportunities to be outdoors.

Hotter temperatures may also put you in the mood

Studies suggest there may be a seasonal component to higher levels of human conception. An analysis in Europe found there is a 10 percent above-average increase in births during the month of March, marking the moment of conception around the month of June, Scientific American reported. The same research also found that men’s testosterone levels and women’s levels linked to ovulation spiked around this time.


Unfortunately for some of us, we’re stuck in a country that’s severely hot or cold. In places like that, the best thing to do is synchronize yourself with the weather and know stuff like what time of day is good for you to go out or stay in. Or if living the living room window is detrimental to your health or not. You know, simple things like that also count

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