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4 Superfoods to Lower Lung Cancer Risk

Many people have the notion that lung cancer is only a smoker’s disease and so they don’t think it’s worth taking the time to check out these foods. But statistics has shown us that there are more non-smoking women who die from lung cancer each year than non-smoking and smoking women combined from breast cancer.
There are many risk factors for lung cancer, some of which are avoidable, but that doesn’t mean your hands are tied. There are actually some things you can add to your life to reduce your risk.
Here are 4 foods that can greatly lower your risk of having lung cancer:

1. Apples

Over the years, the intake of flavonoids has been linked to a lower cancer risk. Apple is one of the best sources of flavonoids. However, people make the mistake of peeling off the apple skin. If you’re used to doing that, now’s the time to stop. While the entire apple is rich in the flavonoid compound, they are particularly more abundant in the skin.
Make it a habit of having at least one apple every day to greatly lower your risk of lung cancer.

2. Garlic

A recent study done in China discovered that people who consumed raw garlic 2 or more times in a week dropped their risk of lung cancer by 44%. The best way that you could ever benefit from eating garlic is by eating it raw, as the compound diallyl sulphide, which is thought to be responsible for these effects, can be massively decreased by cooking or pickling.
Garlic also has other benefits on your health which includes, treating high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and warding off common cold.

3. Red Pepper

red pepper
Red pepper contains a plant-based chemical called capsaicin. During an experiment, it was discovered that this chemical suppressed the development of lung cancer in Swiss mice that were exposed to a chemical which can cause cancer. Capsaicin can do this by carrying off abnormal cells before they can divide and become a cancerous tumor. So there you have it. Another reason why you need to add red pepper to your daily diet.

4. Green tea

green tea
Green tea is simply one of the best teas you can ever drink to start off your day. From a study which looked at nearly 100, 000 people, it was discovered that green tea was associated not only with a reduction in the incidence of lung cancer, but of cancer overall.
The best way to prepare your green tea is by adding a touch of lemon or lime, instead of cream or other dairy products. A touch of lemon helps increase the absorption of important compounds whilst the dairy products can bind with these compounds and negate their positive effects.

There are always foods to eat that will help lower your risk of having certain diseases and in this case, these foods help prevent lung cancer. So add these foods to your daily meals and lower your risk of lung cancer.

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