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4 Shoulder Exercises Without Weights

Having well-defined and built shoulders helps to give good balance and also prevent injuries. Asides bodybuilders and athletes, who have a more obvious need for stronger shoulders, shoulder strengthening exercises can be quite useful for everyone as a great deal of activities require proper posture and balance.

However, there’s a wrong misconception that shoulders can be built only by lifting weights. There are several other ways to build the strength of shoulders, without using weights in any form. We’ll be sharing some below:

1. Shoulder push ups

shoulder push up

Push-ups are convenient, as they can be done almost anywhere and do not require any form of equipment to be carried out. This exercise move is very effective for targeting different muscles in the upper arm, including the triceps and shoulder muscles.

There are different variations of push-ups, and their difficulty level depends, to a large extent, on the level of inclination or declination. The best type of push-ups for specifically targeting the shoulders, would permits more weight to rest on them with lesser focus on  the lower part of the body.

2. Pike press

pike push up

This could also be a kind of standard push-up, but in this case, emphasis is laid more on the shoulder muscles, than the chest and triceps muscles.

To perform this push-up, you’ll have to start-off in a standard push-up position. Stick your buttocks up in the air, while you walk your feet towards your hands. From that position, called the pike position, your head and shoulders should be lowered towards the ground, by bending your elbows.

This exercise builds strength and lays the foundation for several other exercises.

3. Single arm plank

single arm

The single arm plank is a fantastic exercise for improving core strength and stability, and also strengthens the whole back.

To perform this move, you will begin with a plank position, with one arm beneath your head—resting on the ground, and the other, up towards the ceiling. Still in that state, you should make sure your waist is lifted up, along with your top hip. Allow a still position for some seconds, before switching to the other arm.

Compared to full planking, it focuses more on laying all the strength on just one arm, and after a while, can be switched to the other. It is also one of the best exercises that works effectively in building the strength of shoulder muscles.

4. Seated front deltoid

seated front deltoid

The seated front deltoid helps to develop the entire shoulder muscle group. For this exercise, you would need a partner for support. It is done while seated, like its name implies, with legs bent and your partner standing right behind. Stick your hands to your sides, with palms faced towards the ground, and stretch them towards your back, as far as you can.

While doing this, your partner’s hands will be on your wrists, trying to restrain you from pulling your hands forward to relax. Try to work against your partner, for the exercise to be effective. Doing this consistently, would help to build the muscles of the shoulder appropriately.


Building the strength of the shoulders is highly beneficial, far more than many of us think. For athletes, and everyone else, it is very crucial, and should be done regularly.

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