4 Simple Remedies For Headaches

Headaches may usually range from light to terrible, and are almost a daily occurrence for a large number of people. They are caused when blood passing through arteries in the brain push on the vessel walls, causing them to get inflamed, expanding and pushing on nerve cells nearby, and thus creating the sensation of pain we feel as headaches. This usually happens when your blood pressure gets raised, and also when you’re mentally or emotionally disturbed. Fortunately, these foods and drinks will help fix these issues:

Fish oil


Even though this may sound disgusting, to some, studies have shown that fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids which improves heart function, stabilizes its rhythm, and also helps reduce blood pressure and inflammation of arteries, so they do not expand to cause headaches.

Mix a teaspoon of fish oil in a tall glass of cold orange juice and drink, or stick to the prescription if you are using fish oil tablets or supplements.

Drink water

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

Another major reason why headaches occur is because of dehydration: your brain loses water, shrinks, and pulls away from the skull, triggering pain receptors around the brain, and giving you a headache.

Statistics show that most people do not drink enough water throughout the day, but instead consume other liquids like coffee, alcohol, and other sugary drinks, which studies have shown, dehydrate you instead.

This may sound too simple to be true, but try it and see; drink a tall glass of water the next time you have a headache, and continue sipping water the rest day, you will see a remarkable change instantly, and in the long run, headaches will become alien to you.

Chew on ginger roots


Ginger roots have been proven to inhibit prostaglandin – a synthesis process in the body that produces fatty substances that are needed to alert the body to pain, and to inflame blood vessels, thereby reducing the chances of headaches occuring.

Spice it up


Cayenne is a spice that contains capsaicin, a substance that inhibits Substance P, another chemical that is needed in the body to help in pain perception.

This spice is famous for curing headaches, and can be crushed and drunk with warm water.

All these foods and drinks are easy, quick and cheap to make, and are guaranteed to work instantly. In the long run, they will eliminate headaches almost completely.

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