4 Postural Exercises For Relieving Back Pain

Back pain is what it sounds like; a pain in the back (which statistics show will affect everyone in their lifetime), and are manifested in varying degrees, from low, negligible and almost unnoticeable aches, to very sharp, and intense pain which could reduce your effectiveness at work, and may remain for up to several hours.

You should not take back aches lightly, because your back contains one of the most important structures of your entire body, your spinal cord which enables you to move around and control other parts of your body.

Back pain

In fact, the main component of your back is your spinal cord, and any pains you feel there are most likely as a result of your spinal cord being under stress (though muscle spasms and contractions may also cause backaches), and though backaches may not be a sign of anything serious, it is better not to take any chances.

Static Extension


The participant kneels down with their hands on the floor, back arching inwards, elbows straight, and hips forward a few inches so that they’re not aligned with their knees.

The participant holds this position for one to two minutes which helps to remind the back the proper way of extending, after it has gone through years (probably) of bad sitting and slouching positions, causing it to be flexion (rounded back).

Static Back


This is a famous method for relieving one of back pain, and involves one lying on their back with their legs bent over, at a right angle on a chair, or block, or other elevated surface, with your hands resting on your stomach or on your side with palms facing up. Then breathe deeply from your stomach for between five to ten minutes, and with your back resting the whole time.

This exercise ensures that muscles which have been weakened and tightened because of extreme inactivity are relaxed, freed and loosened for action.

Modified Floor Block

floor back

This postures involves you lying on your stomach with your forehead on the floor, and your elbows resting on blocks or books, so that your hands do the ‘i surrender position’. Breathe deeply for six minutes with your shoulders level, and lowering your body weight into the space below.

Supine Groin Stretch


This postures is similar to the static back posture, and it involves lying on your back with one knee bent at a ninety degree angle on a chair and your foot fully extended.  Keep the other leg resting straight on the floor, and your legs in alignment with your hips and shoulders for ten minutes after which you should repeat this with the other leg.

If you’ve experiencing any challenges with your back, the exercise moves we have shown here should be of great help. These exercises will help to fix your posture, and relieve you of backaches.

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