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4 Foods That Causes Hair Loss

When hungry, people tend to damn the odds and eat whatever they set their eyes on, forgetting that most foods have negative impacts on their bodies. Different foods have different effects, some which just injures your outward appearances leading to low self­esteem and an eventual antisocial nature.

Do you know that your hair might be falling as a result of what you have been eating? Here are some of those foods you should avoid that causes hair loss.

1. Fried Foods

fried food

Available everywhere, cheap to buy and delicious. All these put together, cover up the disadvantages most people don’t tend to take note of. These foods contain trans fats or hydrogenated oils, which causes hormonal imbalances, that increases the levels of DHT. ­­ This is normally evident in people with hair loss problem. Stay away from these foods and be sure to have better and healthier hair.

2. Processed Foods

processed fooods

In order to keep the food items in the cans fresh, appealing and last longer, chemicals in the form of additives, artificial colourings and preservatives are used. A brilliant initiative right? WRONG. This preservatives contain products that are detrimental to your hair with the likes of carmine dye (extracted from dried bugs) and caramel colors. Keep an eye out for all these so-called delicious fruit juices and canned foods.

3. Vitamin B Deficient Foods

vitamin B

Vitamin B is a major contributor to strong and healthy hair. However, people tend to overlook its importance by not taking enough of it. Whenever you eat, the food is broken down and the nutrients are passed to the more vital organs before it gets to the hair. So if you take less vitamin B, the likelihood of it reaching the hair after it has been broken down is very slim. Consider eating more “good” fats like those gotten from avocados and make a delight your proteins to keep a good level of vitamin B and prevent hair loss.

4. Artificial Sweeteners

artificial sweeteners

People run away from sugar because of its potential to cause diabetes, heart diseases and add excessive weight. To satisfy their sugar cravings, they go for a “supposedly” healthier options, which has zero ­calories but still sweetens their foods. It is also important to note that these sweeteners contain aspartame which has bee proven to loosen the strength of your hair and eventually lead to it falling off. Although they may be a better option to refined sugars, just avoid artificial sweeteners to increase your chances of having a healthier hair.


Your hair is a very essential part of your body which enhances your outward appearance. Be sure to take care of your hair to have a more confident outlook and bold personality. Cut down on processed foods, remember that fried foods are bad accompaniments for your hair, eat more protein, enriched vitamin B foods and run away from artificial sweeteners.

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