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4 Environmental Changes That Would Help Influence Weight Loss

Weight gain can be influenced by a myriad of things, including:- food intake, exercising, habits, genes and environment. Your environment plays an important role in your weight. For instance, people from the countries with a greater percentage of obese people such as countries located in the middle East, or Pacific Islands, have a greater chance of becoming obese than people from countries with a lesser percentage of obese people such as countries in Asia or Gabon. This inevitably means people who live in countries with a greater rate of obesity have lesser chances of not being obese (losing weight) than those in countries with a lesser rate of obesity. Now that you’ve understood that your environment can influence your weight both negatively and positively, it is important to try to create the appropriate environment for weight loss. Whilst trying to create this environment, you might be unable to change the continent, country and maybe the family you come from, but you can change your immediate environment.

Some ways you can do this is includes;

1.Turn off the Heater

Turn off the Heater

Stop over regulating your environment. Yes, you should make sure it is not so cold that you actually get hypothermia but whilst doing that remember your body also has the ability to adapt to temperatures. Therefore, give your body a chance to burn some fat whilst heating itself up. Not only would you be losing some calories but you would also be saving some money.

2.Move out of town

Move out of town

This might sound drastic however, when next you are looking for a place to stay, look towards the country side. Not only do you have less fast food  joints , you  also have  the opportunity to exercise  more (less taxis more cycling or walking).  In addition,  being far  away  from people who might promote habits that are unfavourable for your weight is a plus.

3.Turn off the TV

Turn off the TV

Research has shown that there is a relationship between the number of hours spent in front of the Television and the amount of weight you are likely to gain. Therefore do yourself a favour and reduce that particular risk. Besides, by switching off the television, you have time to do more productive things such as, biking, hiking, gardening etc, which are also healthier.

4. Get a pet

Get a pet

This is especially for those who don’t have a lot of loved ones around them. Lonely people are more likely to gain weight. Therefore, whilst you make new friends, get a friend you are responsible for; one you can love and would love you in return. Puppies are always the better option in this case.


Your environment does play an important role on your weight. However, whilst controlling environmental factors, it is important to make sure you eat right and exercise adequately alongside.

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