Group Classes

Women only yoga classes near Burj Khalifa

women only yoga classes near Burj Khalifa

group yoga sessions near Burj Khalifa

Group yoga sessions near Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building located in Downtown Dubai next to the Dubai Mall. Over the years, the area has become home to vibrant fitness focused community. The need for staying fit in Burj Khalifa is ever increasing. is the fastest growing fitness platform in the UAE and our Yoga classes are becoming very popular with men, women and children in and around Burj Khalifa Dubai.


Group Yoga Classes


Besides running regular group yoga classes for the residents of Burj Khalifa and surrounding buildings, we also offer private sessions.


Private Yoga Lessons


We have a qualified Level 3 yoga teacher, we also offer personalized pregnancy yoga sessions near the worlds tallest building. Private personalized yoga lessons with an instructor or pre made program just for you, that you can do at home in 10 or 20 minutes a day.


Our Yoga classes close to the Burj, help you create a strong and flexible healthy body and relaxed and flowing attitude towards life.


Pregnancy yoga sessions


Our yoga instructor has eminent experience working with pregnant women. These yoga classes near Dubai Mall are suitable for women at all stages of pregnancy. These yoga classes create the perfect balance of breath, body and movement, which in essence creates a deep sense of healing relaxation and connection with your baby.



Contact us today and let our Yoga instructor help you attain your fitness and health goals.

Whatsapp number UAE : +971 56 58 30067

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Some of the other lessons and classes available near Burj Khalifa through one of our fitness instructors are:



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