Three side effects of cellphones on our health

Cell phones are a vital and central part of many people’s lives, (especially for the younger generation), used to communicate and stay in touch with loved ones, friends and with work.

Despite their importance in our lives and work, cell phones have been proven to have harmful effects on our health, especially in our modern age, where they are not just used for communication, but as work and gaming devices. Some of these side effects are:

cell phone talks

1. Higher stress levels

Cell phones constantly ring and vibrate, causing stress buildup in people’s minds and bodies, from the constant headache of having to pick up their phones to answer a call or to reply a message. This makes us many at times moody, grumpy and angry, and we may not even realize that it is because of stress from our mobile phones.

A study has even shown that this stress can make you think your phone is vibrating or ringing from an incoming message or call when in reality, it is not.

2. Constant sickness

We touch our phones constantly. This constant touching of the screen of our phones leaves bacteria and other pathogens on them. We also carry our phones everywhere we go and place them on all kinds of surfaces which are usually not clean. This also contaminates the surfaces of our phones with pathogens and since it is not wise to put water on our phones, there is no way we can wash them clean or treat them with disinfectant.

The combined touching of our phones and placing them on unclean surfaces makes them very dirty, unhealthy and contaminated. A recent study has shown that there are more pathogens (including very dangerous ones like E.coli) on our phones than there are on our toilet seats!

We ingest all these pathogens into our system especially when we eat. It does not matter whether we wash our hands or not because even while eating, we still use our phones, so the germs we think we have killed when washing our hands, all comes back on to our hands, which touches our food, and finally into our bodies. This a major reason why some of us are constantly sick.

3. Eye problems

We stare at our phones a lot; the screen of our phones are the most stared at screens of any device and because cell phone screens are very small and text fonts are very small, our eyes have to squint more to see the texts, causing problems in the eyes like eye strain, headaches, dry eye and blurred vision.

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