Things Not To Do Before A Workout.

We customarily only read about the many “do’s” affiliated with working out, but why not about the “don’t” or “no-no’s”. Although the focus is not always on these topics, there are things that lead to an unsuccessful training session even though you’re ready to hit the gym and got the enthusiasm, the time, and the cute workout gear. I bet the first thing you cross off when sorting your to-do-list for the next workout is creating a killer playlist
drinking water, and other tips for what to do before a workout are important to note, but knowing what not to do is just as substantial. Let us consider a few no-nos before hitting the gym and don’t ruin your workout by doing these big workout no-nos.

Enjoy the buffet.

eating big

Eating a big, hefty meal immediately before workouts will leave you dull and lazy to do your best. Eating too much (or the wrong kinds of foods) before exercising can lead to indigestion, cramping, acid reflux, feeling sluggish or a queasy feeling and an overall poor-quality workout. Give yourself an hour between mealtime and training before hitting an intense workout. The same goes for drinking water. Even though it’s important to stay hydrated during your workout, don’t drink so much that you can feel it sloshing in your stomach.
Contrarily, you shouldn’t train on an empty stomach or you’ll risk burning the precious muscle you’re working so hard to build. At the very least, consider having a small, easy-to-digest meal or some protein powder before heading out to the gym.

Cold Stretching.


We are told frequently to stretch before a workout, but did you know that static stretching is actually not beneficial beforehand? Well, you’re supposed to warm up before you work out, but stretching muscles when they’re cold can lead to injuries and poor performance. Instead, warm up with five minutes of light cardio or start off slow for the first 10 minutes of your run, bike ride, or swim. Another option is dynamic stretching, which raises your heartbeat while loosening the muscles.

Dealing with a Fever or Pain.


Listening to your body’s cues is important. If you are beginning to get a head cold, but otherwise feel okay, it’s safe to say you can still exercise. However, if you are running a fever, working out can deplete the little energy your body might have. What’s worse than missing a session or two?
And If you’ve been experiencing a dull pain for weeks and are not certain of what is going on, don’t continue to train the area. Get it checked out by a professional to avoid further possible damage. Listening to your body is really important, so ignoring something could be causing further damage either muscularly or structurally, and is just not worth it.

Not planning ahead.

Thinking about training

Make sure to you have a strategy for an effective workout regimen before actually heading into the gym. Prep everything you need ahead of time, from the proper workout clothing, gear or exercises mapped out in advance to keep you from scrambling at the last minute or risk having to skip your workout or not execute it properly. All will ensure you maximize your time and avoid falling into the trap of a mindless workout.
Additionally, come up with a schedule of the types of workouts you want to do for the week, cause if you walk into the gym without a game plan, it might get you frustrated and be undecided of your next moves. Consider the muscles you are there to hit and map out a strategy to handle your business in advance. Therefore, you won’t waste precious time if you know what muscle groups you want to attack.

Experts also advise that you always head to the gym with a plan. Know what your workout will be before you get there so you don’t waste any time or energy, and reach your optimal performance. You need water to replenish muscles and give you the energy to push through. Hydration is the most important to any activity; it gives energy to all living cells. Drink 6 to 8 ounces one hour prior to your workout and properly replenish depending on how challenging after your workout.

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