The top 10 Health Risks of Being Obese in Dubai


Obesity is a condition that occurs, for a lot of people, due to genetic reasons; but it could also be as a result of making the wrong lifestyle choices. Obesity, apart from its capacity to change a person’s state of well being, has also being linked with quite a number of severe health conditions, and in Dubai where obesity is alarmingly prevalent, some urgent intervention is required. Often, the first step to tackling such challenges is simply acquiring more information about it. So read on to see the top ten health risks of obesity in Dubai and anywhere else:

1. Heart disease

Heart Disease

Science has proven that obesity increases your risk of developing heart disease. What’s more, the manner in which your body fat is distributed, or how you carry your weight, also affects your risks. Also note that, if you have excess stomach fat, you’re at greater risk of heart disease than people who carry their weight around their hips and thighs.

2. Diabetes


Being obese contributes to the development of diabetes because it makes the body more sensitive to insulin. Once in this phase, you are recommended to adopt regular exercise and other healthy habits.

3. High-blood pressure

Blood pressure

High blood pressure has been observed to increase with an individual’s weight. Watch your weight closely, to avoid the possibility of developing high-blood pressure.

4. High-cholesterol levels

High cholestrol

Being obese can raise your cholesterol levels significantly, and  high cholesterol levels can cause plaque buildup, clog your arteries and lead to heart disease.

5. Cancer



Recent research has shown that, obesity can lead to an increased risk of cancers such as breast cancer and kidney cancer.

6. Infertility



Obesity can cause changes in the hormonal levels of women, which can result in ovarian failure. Women who are 15-25 pounds overweight are at a higher risk of suffering from infertility and ovarian cancer.

7. Back pain

Back pain

What happens here is, obesity creates added pressure on your back, thus creating back pain. Don’t wait too long, before you visit a doctor.

8. Gallstones

Gall stones

Obese, causes the liver to secrete excessive amounts of bile which could lead to the formation of gallstones.

9. Skin infection

Skin infection

When skin develops excessive folds due to obesity, it tends to become irritated from all that rubbing and sweating, which could lead to skin infections.

10. Ulcers


Gastric ulcers have also been discovered to be caused by obesity. Also, research has it that, weight loss of about 7 pounds can reduce the risk of developing gastric ulcers.

Despite all the severe health complications that obesity could cause, most times staying healthy is simply a matter of regular exercise, healthy eating and managed stress levels.

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