The 7 Major Fitness Rules

Have you ever felt like you are doing your best yet you can’t see results? This sometimes is one of the major reasons why people give up their fitness goals in the long run.

For all your fitness goals to be attained it is important to follow these seven major fitness rules.

Have a flexible routine


Ever experienced this? You start going to the gym, you lose some weight and all of a sudden it seems like nothing is working again? This happens to consistent exercise freaks too and the solution to this is to add variety to your workout. Your body adapts to what you do, so you should switch your routines regularly. This ranges from changing your entire program, or parts of it. When weight-training, try increasing repetitions or load. For cardio workouts, gradually increase duration and intensity. And if you are always on the treadmill, try the elliptical or the bike instead, if you always do steps or aerobics then try dancing or Pilates for a change. Having a trainer is one way to help keep your workout interesting

Always Stay Hydrated


Hydration affects energy levels and is essential to your workout performance. This is because proper hydration regulates body temperature and heart rate. In an hour of exercise, you could lose more than a liter (1L) of water, depending on the intensity of your exercise and air temperature. Without enough water, for the body to cool itself through perspiration, you could become dehydrated and you will lose energy and your muscles would probably cramp.
However, when you are on a weight-loss plan stay away from sports drinks because the calories from such drinks often make your workout almost redundant. They may help replace electrolytes if you are exercising for a few hours, but most gym-goers don’t actually need them.

Lift weights


The older we get the more muscle mass we lose and it is important to replace it. We recommend you weight-train two to three times a week and target all major muscle groups. A major motivating factor is that whether you are using weights, resistance bands or your own body, having more muscle mass basically means you have a higher resting metabolic rate, so you will end up burning up more calories even when you are not working out. It goes beyond looking fit or trim as you will shift your fat-to-muscle ratio. Resistance training can help you reduce fat mass (and abdominal mass), which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Eat well


Don’t work out on an empty stomach. Working out on an empty stomach only puts the body at risk, although you also don’t work out immediately after eating you still must never workout on an empty stomach as this might do more harm than good to the body. Ideally, you’ll eat one to two hours before a workout, but if you work out first thing in the morning, grab at least a glass of juice first.
Most especially, if you are on a weight loss plan, if you do not eat well the body sends famine signals to the brain which then causes the body to store fat. Also, it is important to keep our metabolism stoked at all times.

Build-up on your workout intensity


After a while of you doing an activity and you are in good shape, it is advisable to increase the intensity. But gradually do so — if you add intensity too quickly you will be at risk of injury or burnout. For example, you have been doing some walking for a couple of weeks or months — you should be able to add a little bit of jogging or brisk walking, in small little intervals. If you have been running, however, try some faster-paced intervals (take slow at first). If you’ve been weight training, be sure to add weights (gradually) or reduce break time or add more repetitions or sets. If interested in playing sports speed things up a bit or focus more on explosive movements. Intensity is a great way to get you in shape and have an effective workout in less than an hour.

Have fun


Enjoy yourself while doing whatever activity you choose, it has to be fun. If you don’t like it, try something else, you should never see your fitness routine or activity as a punishment. Focus on the level of fun, not the difficulty level. You can simply decide to learn to enjoy the difficult things. Again, make it fun, or you won’t be able to maintain your routine for very long. To make sure it’s not too difficult, start easy. Focus on just starting up and enjoying the activity. Start small, and gradually build up with slow but steady steps.



This rule might often be excluded but it is one of the most important rules to fitness, it is an often neglected but necessary step to take to ensure the fulfillment of all your fitness goals is it weight loss, ripped abs or a toned body.


For the best results and a wonderful fitness experience, we recommend that you follow these 7 major rules to fitness and we guarantee all your fitness goals will be achieved.

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