Sports Activities : Camel Racing Dubai

Camel racing is an Ancient tradition in the region of Dubai, many of the participants will dress in the UAE national dress, a Kandora.

All participants will gather at what feels like an enormous theater like venue of the majlis which is the main meeting area to get to know your opponents so to say. Usually, all camel owners find this time to sit and enjoy a traditional Arabic platter of rice and fish (a’aish) , laid out in a perfect festivity manor.

If you ever consider to participate you’ll soon come to realize that conversations are all about the camels; which one is the best breed, tips on training methods, sore losers and potential winners. But let’s not forget the old famous champions everyone fears.

Usually there will be 14 races throughout the afternoon.

Additionally to honor and prestige, the camels are racing for thousands of dollars in prize money and lavish new cars for their owners.

Whilst racing their owners hang out of their four-by-fours, shouting encouragement while trying to keep up with their charges. The winning camels are paraded with pride, their heads and necks covered in bright golden saffron and their owners applauded for their efforts and rewarded with the big prizes they were waiting for.

Location:  Dubai’s race track by the Al Lisali exit on Al Ain road past Dubai Outlet Mall.

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