6 Things You Should Know That Cause Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue


You recently discovered that your body is unable to meet the demands of your day to day activities and even more, you found out that, every time you set your mind to do something productive, you always become fatigued. You are probably wondering how come those things you could easily do with ease and without complaints or any feeling of fatigue is no longer possible for you. It is essential you know that adrenal fatigue is likely to be the very much reason behind why you feel the way you do now. Stated below are six things you should know that cause adrenal fatigue:

1. Too much exercise

Too much exercise

Exercise is undeniably very important for your health, but overdoing it can cause harm and exhaust the body, which in turn taxes the adrenal glands. If your performance during an exercise is tedious and you feel extremely tired, there is a high probability you are overdoing it and fatiguing your adrenal glands in the process.

2. Gut infections

Gut infection

According to studies, people that have over-growths of yeast, fungus, and bacteria due to poor diets are liable to develop a chronic inflammation both in the gut and throughout the body, which can contribute to adrenal fatigue

3. Eating too much sugar

Too much sugar

It has been proven that when you eat something sweet or very starchy, it causes your blood sugar to rise and drop. Your adrenal glands must then release stress hormones to raise it. Furthermore, when your blood sugar swings up and down repeatedly it may fatigue the adrenals.

4. The use of caffeine and other stimulants


It is advisable for you to avoid regular ingestion of caffeine, energy drinks, cigarettes, diet pills and other stimulants which cause the extra release of stress hormones, and can fatigue the adrenal system

5. Food intolerance


Eating foods that trigger an immune reaction can tax adrenal function. One of the more common food intolerance is gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and oats, which can cause inflammation and fatigue the adrenal glands.

6. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep

If your body doesn’t get enough amounts of rest, it will cause the adrenal glands to respond to either long term or short term stressors by releasing stressful stimuli thus making the whole body experience adrenal fatigue.

In conclusion, adrenal fatigue is often associated with too much stress from a busy lifestyle and lack of sleep but these six things could also cause adrenal fatigue.

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