Managing the Risk Factors of Diabetes

Managing the Risk Factors of Diabetes. Lots of people in Dubai and rest of UAE are facing problems with diabetes. Not a week goes by, when i don’t hear about someone having issues with Diabetes. This essay is about managing the risk factors.  Diabetic patients have several risk factors that must be controlled to avoid health problems. Diet is very important in controlling blood glucose levels. Managing these levels poorly can result in damage to many organs in the body. High cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity also increase a diabetic’s risk for developing complications, such as heart disease and strokes. By limiting fat consumption, salt intake, losing weight, and watching blood glucose levels, the diabetic can reduce his or her risk of complication. For more information about diabetes risk factors and how to manage them, please consult a physician.
Diabetes and NutritionDiabetes can be managed through proper nutrition, exercise, and if necessary, medication. What foods to eat and in what quantity are very important for the diabetic to manage blood sugar levels. Diets for diabetics are worked out by their physician considering the patient’s age, weight, and amount of physical activity that they do each day. Proper consumption of fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and salt have an effect on blood glucose levels in the body. Managing blood glucose levels poorly can result in damage to the diabetic’s body organs. It is important that diabetics maintain a healthy weight, follow their prescribed diet closely, and eat at regular times during the day. For more information about diabetes and nutrition please consult a physician.Medication and InsulinDiabetics can be treated with diet and exercise, or they may need the addition of oral medication or insulin injections to be controlled. In healthy individuals, insulin is produced by the body to help break down food into energy that the body needs. Diabetics have an absence or shortage of insulin resulting in blood sugar levels in their bodies being too high. Diabetics must inject insulin at regular intervals or take medication by mouth to control blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels are allowed to remain too high, damage can be done to vital organs. With proper control of blood sugar, the diabetic can live a normal life. For more information about diabetes medication and insulin, please consult a physician.

Diabetes and Dialysis

Dialysis is a technique where waste products are filtered out of the blood when the kidneys are unable to perform this task. The kidneys remove waste products and maintain correct electrolyte balances in the blood. Diabetes can damage the blood vessels in the kidneys and result in chronic renal failure and the need for dialysis. Dialysis can maintain life for many years but it is very expensive; therefore, transplantation of a human kidney is the best treatment for renal failure. Properly managing blood sugar levels, the diabetic can reduce the chances of kidney damage and renal failure. For more information about dialysis, please consult a physician.

Gestational Diabetes

Due to hormonal and metabolic changes during pregnancy, some women with no history of diabetes will develop it during pregnancy. This is called gestational diabetes. Prenatal screening by a physician will detect the condition. Usually the condition will go away after delivery. Women who develop gestational diabetes rarely need to take insulin to control their sugar level. Normally all that is required to control this condition is properly managing blood sugar through a controlled diet. Mothers with gestational diabetes have larger babies, more difficult birth, and a higher incidence of birth trauma and caesarean section.


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