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Is There Side Effects of a Detox Cleanse?

organic-beauty-talk-green-detox-smoothie-cleanseBefore following a detox, you should also be aware of potentially negative side effects. Make sure you do your homework so to speak or even seek professional health care guidance before and during a detox cleanse.

Detox Diets

While some people may detox to drop a few pounds quickly, the real purpose of these diets is to “cleanse” your system of impurities, pollutants, chemicals and other contaminants that enter your body through the air and the food you eat. Your body already has an efficient cleansing and detoxifying system in the form of the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

Let’s Look At The Positive Effects

When done in a healthy, balanced way, detoxing has positive side effects such as reducing or eliminating bloating, skin outbreaks and digestive distress. People who successfully detox report that their energy levels improve and their thinking becomes clearer. These positive effects are usually experienced on detox plans that include plenty of fresh, unprocessed foods and shun caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars, grains and trans fats.

What About The Negative Effects

Restrictive detox diets that require fasting or extremely low calories usually cause you to lose weight too quickly, which means you’ll lose valuable lean muscle mass. You’ll also find the weight you do lose returns quickly after you go off the detox. A restrictive, long-term detox diet could cause nutritional deficiencies and serious symptoms including low blood pressure, decreased muscle function and a loss of electrolytes that help regulate hydration and heartbeat.

Is Detox Cleanse Dangerous?

Certain people should strictly avoid detox diets because of their possible negative side effects. Diabetics, people with low blood sugar, individuals prone to eating disorders, children, teens, pregnant women and the elderly are not good candidates for cleansing. These populations are especially vulnerable to the effects of improper nutrition. In addition, anyone with a medical condition should check with a doctor for advice before undertaking a cleanse diet.

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