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How to stay fit in Dubai without going to the gym

How to stay fit in Dubai without going to the gym.  We will cover, 3D Fitness, Useful Exercises you can do yourself, save time, how to Avoid excessive effort, and how to Achieve a better posture. There are host of other things you can learn and do.   Below we also provide you with contact details to get in touch with one of personal training experts who has experience dealing with people with busy people with little time or those who like to workout in the comfort of their own home.  Get a personalised plan just for you.


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Get & keep FIT
Save money: you don’t need gyms or equipment.
Save time: you need only 10/12 minute a day.
Avoid excessive effort: you don’t need to strain or sweat.
Achieve a better posture: you are going to balance your musculature.

I used to enjoy martial arts, for years I went to the dojo twice a week and had fun while keeping myself in shape. Unfortunately one day my office was transferred 150 kilometers away and I had to face a 3 hours daily commute. I didn’t have time for the gym anymore.

After a while I was getting restless and I didn’t know what to do, but then I remembered some warming up exercises I learned in my classes. They were strengthening exercises done in twos, you were basically pushing and pulling against your opponent strength. That was my starting point, I figured that maybe I could do them by myself. After some experimentation and several Internet searches I put together this method and I have been using it for more than 7 years.

I’m very satisfied with the results, I feel even better than before. Now I’m 51 years old and I don’t have any pain in my back or my shoulders and elbows, 7 years ago it was happening from time to time.

This is why I decided to write this article, I want to share with you what I found.

Give it a try for a few weeks, 10 minutes a day it’s not a big investment! You can do your workout anytime and anywhere.

The scope of my method is to balance the force of your muscles in all directions, therefore between the right and left sides of your body and between the front and the back. In this way, resolving the distortions provoked by the stronger muscles, your posture improves automatically and you can strengthen your muscles and articulations in a fast, safe and practical way. This method does not require tools, particular apparel or much space. The movements are derived from the martial arts and in particular from stick and knife combat movements. The entire sequence of the four basic movements requires only 10/12 minutes and my advice is to do them every day. If necessary you can split the routine and do the single movements in different moments of the day.



POSTURE feet parallel at shoulders width.  Maintain an erect and relaxed posture with your weight towards the tip of the feet (like if you had to slip a sheet of paper under your heels).  Knees are slightly bent, as if to sit on a stool.  The head is like suspended from the ceiling with a thread.  Relax your muscles as much as you can.

BREATHING    use the “balloon” method of respiration to help your body lengthen, relax and expand.

BREATHE IN thru the nose in all the pauses between movements, expanding the body in all directions like a balloon (use your imagination).
Let your belly relax and expand.

During the movements BREATHE OUT through your slightly opened mouth as if to blow up a balloon (to activate your abdominal muscles). Pull your navel toward your spine. Feel your abdominals participate to the movements.

FORCE      before starting the exercise imagine contracting your muscles to the maximum.  Considers this level as “power 10″ and in your exercises never go beyond “power 5″, imagine of having to make hundred of repetitions.  Try to find a tension that makes the movement difficult, but not too difficult. Rather a tension level pleasant for your muscles.  Try to use only the muscles necessary to the movement and relax all the rest.  In the pause between a movement and the other breathe in and relax your hands, arms and rest of your body.

SPEED of MOVEMENTS   execute the movements slowly. Breathing out count slowly from one to five and match the movement with your expiration.



STARTING POSITION united hands and arms folded close to your chest (prayer position), close your hands palm against palm.  The palm of the right hand is turned towards the floor.

Slowly push the right hand towards the floor following your central line, making resistance to the movement with the left.  Keep your elbows in their starting position.  The movement ends when the arms are completely extended.  Make a pause, breath in and relax.
Then use your left hand to return to the starting position, making resistance to the movement with the right hand.



Same starting position of the Hammer, the position of the hands  changes slightly.  Now the palm of your right hand is turned forward.


You push the right hand straight ahead resisting with the left.  When the arms are completely extended make a pause (breathe in and relax).  Then use your left arm to pull to the starting position, making resistance with the right.



STARTING POSITION arms extended over the head, left hand wrapped around the right.  In this movement the arms remain slightly bent at a constant angle and the movement is made using the muscles of the chest and back.  Pushing with the right hand lower your arms, holding the hands along the center line, until you arrive to the belt.  Feel the action of your chest, back, abdominal and legs muscles.  Take a pause, breathe in and relax.  Then, using the left, lift your arms to the starting position over your head.



STARTING POSITION arms bent at the height of the shoulders, your right hand holds the wrist of your left arm. In this movement the arms remain bent at a constant angle and the movement is made using the muscles of the chest.  Pull the arms to the right turning also your chest. The movement is in a semicircle as if to open a sliding door.  Feel the action of your chest, back, abdominal and legs muscles.  Take a pause, breathe in and relax.  Then use your left to pull your arms towards your left.

This is the “open” part of the movement, the “close” part of the movement is very similar.
Your hands touch on the tip of the fingers, and instead pulling to the left with the left part of your body you push to the left with the right part of your body.


You have completed all the basic movements, you have moved your arms using force in the six basic directions.  Forward and backward, up and down, left and right.

The “hammer” and “push and pull” work mainly your arms.  The musculature of the chest and the rest of the body have mainly the function of stabilizing.  You will notice lines of tension that cross the body arriving to the feet and that  your weight moves from a foot to the other.

In “lower and raise” and “open and close” you work your chest and back and the muscles of your arms work at maintaining the position and transmitting the force.

My advice is to begin by learning the “hammer”, make 10 or 12 repetitions with the right and then 10 or 12 repetitions with the left.

After a few days doing the “hammer” a few times a day add the second movement and so on. The entire sequence of all the basic movements takes approximately 10 minutes. If you train first thing in the morning you can do the first sequence at “force 1″ as a warm up.

After a couple of month of daily practice it would be better to add the advanced movements to give variety to your training in order to maintain it interesting and pleasant.

Please contact me via mail if you have questions or doubts.  I’m available for private lessons and work-shops.

Have fun and may the force be with you.




Whatsapp number: +971 56 583 0067

Contact us : Click here to send us your details we will get back to you asap.

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