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How to select a personal trainer in Dubai UAE

How to select a personal trainer in Dubai UAE
Fitness is the new frontier of healthy living, it has always been but in the last couple of years, the awareness has been heightened. In Dubai there are thousands of personal trainers, how do you find the right one. There are two ways you can choose:

  1. has put together a list of questions you should be asking yourself before deciding to commit. All of these questions are compiled to help you find the right trainer.
  2. Let trainer. ae find you a Free personal trainer in Dubai who will help you train. The best part is; you only commit to paying, if you like what the trainer has to offer.

If you are picking a trainer yourself here are some of the questions you should be asking:

The first part is about you: What sorts of lifestyle are you living and will a personal trainer in Dubai fit in? What are your timings and when does it make sense for you to train? Are you going to be able to stick to the same time each week? How many sessions a week can you do and will you be able to commit to regular sessions?


Next is about the Money: You must budget. Trainers in Dubai range from 100 AED-£1,500 + per session (normally these sessions are per hour), the price trainer charges depends on their experience, certification, and demand. Most people need around three sessions per week over a period of time to see results.


Choose a trainer based on personality: Personality clash is a dead-end. Just like you pay attention to details when choosing a nanny, for selecting a personal trainer do the same, reference check, ask questions, do proper due diligence. Dubai has personal trainers from all around the world who speak many different languages and come from diverse cultures. You can choose a trainer who understands your lifestyle, language and the foods you eat but if you don’t – It is a decision that shouldn’t be made on a whim, or the partnership won’t last and you will have a hard time showing up for your sessions.


Talk to multiple trainers or let trainer. ae provide you free session before you pick. Don’t plump for the first trainer available but don’t use it as an excuse to delay your training. Time is the most important commodity, some people want to train but they keep deferring it by convincing themselves, I got to find the right trainer. This is one of the reasons made it easy for you to find a perfect fit. Simply decide you want to live a healthy life and will send you a trainer who will come to the place of your choosing and work with you for free. If you like what the trainer has to offer, you commit, if not we will send you a different trainer for free.


Don’t break the law: Do make sure the trainer you will work with has the right visa in Dubai to be able to train people. There are lots of trainers who are currently training people in the UAE without having a proper license. The trainer and in certain circumstance the person being trained can both be in trouble if a law is being broken. Any trainers provided by comes with a guarantee that fitness professionals on its books have the relevant personal training visas in Dubai and meet required standards and have relevant qualifications.


Don’t work with a trainer without a plan: A difference between a good and an average trainer is the ability to be able to set a plan of action. This plan dictates two things:

  1. A viable direction for achieving your goals.
  2. A direction to make him or herself redundant.


Do ask to see credentials. Once you have spent the time to find the trainer, make sure the first meeting takes place in your gym front desk or a public place. Let the trainer know to bring along their certifications and proof of personal trainer visa and insurance documents. Any good trainer will have no problem with this and if the trainer doesn’t bring it, chances are high – he/she is not legally able to train people in the UAE.


What’s Next

Book your Free personal trainer from and only pay if you like what the trainer has to offer.

Want more personal training clients – talk to and let us help you grow faster.

Whatsapp number: +971 56 58 30067

Contact us: Click here to send us your details we will get back to you asap. does all the relevant checks for you. All trainers from have the right visa and are fully insured to train you.



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  • Maddison
    17th June 2015 - 12:53 pm | Permalink

    I am looking for a personal trainer for the month of fasting. What should i lookout for?

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