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How to Reduce the Cost of Best Personal Trainers in Dubai

Reduce the cost of personal trainers in Dubai

Getting fit and working with some of the best trainers in Dubai does not have to break your bank.  In this post, we will cover how you can achieve your fitness goals without putting too much stress on your financial situation.

There is no if or but; Personal training can get you in the shape of your life.  Those who can afford it hire the best fitness instructors and reap the reward mentally and physically.

People think a personal trainer is only for those who do not know what they are doing and need someone to tell them what to do and how to do it but that is far from the truth. It is not a luxury reserved just for celebrities and pro athletes or rich people.  Most of who most likely already know how to workout but still sign up with a personal trainer.  There is no denying the benefits of working with a trainer are too many to count, a good fitness instructor will help you with the form, help you with the schedule and save you time.  Different people have different reasons for hiring a personal trainer in Dubai.

For example, a friend of mine has a very successful businessman who at one point in life had a six-pack.  She hired the most expensive personal trainer in Dubai and made a deal.  Instead of paying per hour, she paid per session with one twist.  The sessions she would show up for would be paid at an agreed price but the sessions she did not show up for would be charged at double the rate. The end results, she was able to look amazing for her best friends wedding. If you are looking to hire the best but want to pay less, keep reading.

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This essay is for people who live in Dubai or any other parts of UAE and covers how to structure personal training so anyone is able to afford it. We have listed several affordable options, which can be used to hire a personal trainer in any part of UAE — you just need to know where to look or you can simply contact and let us help you with your fitness goals and provide the multitude of options to suit your needs.

Use the Internet In UAE to do the research

Search online to find a trainer in Dubai who lives or works close to where you are. Many of the trainers in Dubai operate independently and in most cases don’t have a lot of overhead expenses. This allows them to offer competitive rates but keep in mind, when you are using this approach, it is illegal to train people in Dubai without a valid license. Ask the trainer not only about qualifications but about their training visa.

Call as many trainers as possible and ask them for their availability.  If they are available all the time, chances are high, they don’t have many clients. Some times even a good trainer in the United Arab Emirates might not have clients. Not because he/she is not qualified but most likely they don’t know how to find clients.  First, find a trainer who fits your needs. For example, you might want a female personal trainer in Dubai, speak with few and request quotes from all the female personal trainers in your area that fall within your requirements.  Compare the per hour price and settle for the one you want but don’t pay per hour – instead make a deal per session.

Payment Plans

The person who first started the concept of payment plan changed how things are bought and sold worldwide forever.  People use payment plans to buy a house, go on vacation and buy a car – why not use payment plans to become fit.  Ask for a payment plan so you don’t have to pay for multiple sessions upfront.

If you can’t find a personal trainer in Dubai who is willing to offer you a minimum monthly payment plan, talk to, we have payment plans to suit everyone’s needs.  In most cases, we pay our trainers the full amount but offer our clients flexible payment plans in exchange for a longer commitment.

Barter services

Another way to cut the cost of training is to exchange services.  If you are good at marketing, find a trainer and offer to do marketing in exchange for training sessions. You’ll find barter works more often with independent trainers in Dubai or small studios rather than trainers at the larger gyms.

Long term contracts

Just like anything else in life, trainers want to fill their schedules over an extended period of time, when you negotiate a long-term contract; you are bound to get a better price.  To put the icing on the cake, offer to set up a direct debit or recurring payments so monthly payments are automatically debited from your credit card, bank or Paypal account. If you do it right, this approach is bound to get you a better deal.

Shared Training Sessions

For some people, a longer contract or even monthly payments may still be too much to have one-on-one training with a dedicated top fitness instructor.  The world is changing, more and more people are sharing things in all aspect of life. Why not opt in for shared personal training?  Find a friend or two and ask them to split a cost for the session. The trainer still gets the same amount per session but trains all three of you at the same time, which allows you to split the cost three ways. Shared training is not a group class, it is more like semi-private training and still guarantees that you’ll get individualized attention. offers shared training in all areas of Dubai. Simply talk to us and let us know you are interested in semi-private training and we will connect you with an amazing trainer and up to three people in your area who have signed up for shared training. We have found semi-private training to not only be more affordable but it is motivating since you will be in a small group and it builds connections with others in your area. We offer shared training for up to four people, which allows you to cut the personal training cost in Dubai to as low as 25%.

Taking advantage of Off-Peak Hours

Many gyms in Dubai have peak hours, this is when the gym is really busy and off-peak hour is when the gym is mostly empty.  If you are flexible with your timing, talk to a gym near you and ask for discounted personal training rates during their “off-peak” hours. In Dubai, the off-peak discounts may not be deep in some of the gyms, but we have seen some trainers come down a bit on their hourly rate at first. Some do so to get you in for cheap and then move you up to their normal rates.

Virtual Training first for UAE from some of the best trainers in the country has some of the best personal trainers in UAE on our books. We use Technology like Skype, which makes location and price less of a factor when it comes to hiring a virtual personal trainer in Dubai. Another advantage of Virtual training is that it allows you to connect to your trainer from anywhere, even when you are away, your trainer stays with you. With a simple click of the mouse; in comfort of your own home or office, you have someone there helping you achieve your goals.

Virtual training is not the same as exercise DVD

One leaves you to do it yourself while virtual training has your trainer on the other side interacting with you, providing constant feedback and motivation. From our experience, virtual training may not be the solution for everyone. It normally works well for individuals who have already done the in-person training and learned the tactics to workout on their own but need supervision to keep the form and the extra push.

Our virtual programs allow you to pick check-ins according to your budget; daily, weekly and monthly. You will have weekly check-ins to determine your progress and you will receive a new workout on an ongoing basis to keep you progressing further.  Virtual training has a lower cost than in-person training but you still get the plans to follow.  Contact trainer. ae today and let us help you achieve your fitness goals with a plan that suits your timing and budget.

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