How To Build An Athletic Body

Most people are impressed with the appearances of athletics in different fields of sport which makes them have the desire for an athletic structure. Athletes body is build for power, speed, quickness, explosiveness and agility, while the of bodybuilder is built for size and strength. The structure of a bodybuilder is bulk, at times very bulk, whereas the body of an athlete is usually more slight although there are some areas where an athlete has to look like a bodybuilder. If your desire is to have the shape and structure of an athlete then you need to train like an athlete does. Here’s how:



The king and master of all lower body exercises is the Squat. Any athlete who really needs to have significant power in their lower body needs to do the squat. Don’t aim for a ‘lion shape’, building the upper body and forsaking the the legs (or sometimes called the chicken structure). Different muscles all over the body are targeted when you do squats: the center muscles including the abdominal, lower back and the thigh muscles. Get your athletic body progress started by hitting the squat as often as you can.



Like the old saying goes, “speed kills!” Athletes not want only want power and explosiveness but also speed. Sprints are another big item in an athletes training, and can be a massive asset in most sports. Having speed is very essential because not only does sprinting build speed, but doing sprints in interval training will burn fat like crazy. If you have not yet noticed, pretty much at all sprinters have an athletic build.



Chin ups are a common exercise for many athletes as part of their training to improve pulling movements. Doing this exercise will also help you get that nice V-shape we all love.


core training

Most of what impress us in athletes are the six packs they nearly all have. Athletes need to have a strong core and you will also need to do some core training. Hanging leg raises, planks (both front and side) and crunches will get your core tight and strong.


shoulder press

For pushing movements, which are a common element in many sports, strong shoulders is a must . Shoulder presses not only work the deltoids but also the triceps, lats and traps as well. They are also a must for an athletic build.


bench press

We discussed the squat been the king exercise of the lower body; let’s not fail to introduce you to the bench press which is the king exercise of the upper body. Athletes that need to have significant upper body power use this as a mainstay of their training. The bench press works on the chest, shoulders, triceps, and even the abs are used to provide power and stability. Whether you do it with the barbell or with dumbbells, the bench press is a must.


There you go. these top exercises will definitely get you the athletic build that you desire. Athletes generally do not do isolated movements like bicep curls or calf raises as part of their every day training, but you can feel free to mix in movements like that if you desire.

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