5 Steps to Avoiding Workout Injuries

Even though you’ve have decided to lose some weight, it also important to avoid injuries while on it. Getting excited about weight loss at the gym is understandable but making sure the body is far from injuries is what should be put in mind. The last thing you need is an injury that will keep you away from your workout time and that is why we’ve put together 5 steps to help you avoid workout injuries.


It seems so basic, but experts say it’s often overlooked: one of the best ways to avoid fitness injuries is to know your body’s limitations.
Your body will give you the signals you need to know when to back off. If that knee is feeling a little achy, your soreness lasts for more than the recommended 24 to 48 hours, or you are just plain tired, then it is time to look over your exercise routine. Rest and recovery might be what your body is looking for. Make sure you take those rest days as your body is making actual gains during this time.


warm up
It is imperative to warm up before each workout to ensure that the muscles and surrounding tissue receive enough blood and nutrients to perform any required tasks during the actual exercises. Skipping the warm-up can result in painful muscle tears that take time and rest to heal. About 10 minutes of light cardio routines like jumping, running, or using an elliptical will get your circulation going and qualify as adequate warm up.
It is never a good idea to workout muscles that are cold. Make sure you are warming up your body to increase your body’s core temperature, blood flow to the working muscles, and also to mentally prepare yourself for the workout ahead.


If you don’t know how to start an exercise program or progress to that next level of safety, a personal trainer or coach is the perfect option. They can give you safety tips and progressions to either get you started or accomplish your goal without getting injured. One of the best ways to avoid injury is to have lessons from a qualified trainer. This will help ensure your body is in proper alignment while you’re working out, which can go a long way to protecting you from exercise injuries.

Getting expert advice can also keep you from doing the wrong workouts for your body type. If you do have weaknesses, a personal trainer will be able to advise you and help you moderate your routines.

While almost any professional can give you some good suggestions, you should make certain your trainer is aware of your personal parameters, including your age.


It’s also important to give muscles enough rest between workouts.
Don’t push yourself to the point of pain. If you feel pain, you may be injured. Stop your workout and rest for a day.

The best way to keep a small injury from becoming a larger one is not to overuse the sore muscle. Avoid over-training and take at least one day off from your fitness regime each week. You should also take a break if you feel extremely sore and exhausted or if you experience intense physical discomfort. Consult with a physician to rule out any serious conditions or injuries.

Keep in mind that your body runs like a perfect machine, but it also needs diligent maintenance in the form of proper nutrition, stretching and rest. Too much of a good thing is always bad and leads to negative results.


Wear the proper gear for your workout. If you are a runner, wear a good pair of running shoes that fit properly. If you are a cyclist, always wear a helmet.
If you have to think about how long ago you purchased a new pair of running shoes, then it is definitely time to head to the store. Going to a specialty store for expert advice on what shoes you should be wearing is the first step because they can gauge what shoe fits best with your arch, gait and body weight. So many injuries come from wearing worn out shoes without any support.

Now that you have a plan of action on how to exercise without getting injured, have a safe, fun workout. Then take a few rest days for all of your accomplishments.

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