5 Ways Stress Can Worsen Diabetes

Stress has the capacity to affect you and hinder your mental, emotional and physical state of well-being which can influence how you live your life. If you’ve been recently diagnosed as diabetic and somewhat responding slow to treatment, there’s a possibility that stress can be the primary cause for this.

Stress can worsen your diabetic condition, as stressed out people often make poor diet choices, excessively consume alcohol are unlikely to engage in physical exercise.

It is very vital that you understand the various ways stress can affect your life because if the appropriate care isn’t taken, diabetes can become fatal. Read on to find out 5 ways stress can worsen diabetes:


1. Excessive alcohol consumption

Taking alcohol before your medication, slows down the rate at which the medicine will be broken down in your body, since the alcohol tends to task the liver way more than any other substance ingested. It is recommended that you abstain from alcohol consumption completely, at least until you are completely free from diabetes.

2. Stress can influence you to eat in a very unhealthy manner.

It can cause you to eat foods that are high in sugar, which by now you must know are one likely reason you have diabetes in the first place.

3. Poor medication habits

When under a lot of stress, you can develop a reckless attitude towards life. That reckless behavior can also influence the way you are expected to take your medication. The consequences of not taking your medication in the right manner can definitely lead to a prolonged diabetic life; so beware!

4. Misguided thoughts

When under stress, there is a high probability you might begin to drown in negative thoughts that will only contribute to slowing your recovery. Most Diabetologists will advise their patients to stay mentally positive, in order to avoid developing further complications as much as possible.

5. Lacking the will to exercise

Exercise is very important for people with diabetes but if you are stressed, you might to lack the will to do it. If you fall victim of stress, we recommended that you seek medical assistance in order to get rid of it and experience the possibility of achieving a diabetes-free life.

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