Getting Rid of Nausea in Dubai By Using Shiatsu Massage

Getting Rid of Nausea in Dubai By Using Shiatsu Massage

We all have been there, when nausea takes over you and makes you feel something is about to come out very soon. Why does this happen?   When virus, bacteria, severe pain or intense emotions irritate nerve endings in the stomach, the victim feels nausea. The explanation of nausea in shiatsu theory is directly related to ‘ki’ (energy). There are a number of shiatsu techniques which can prove useful in getting rid of nausea. All these make use of pressure points in the patient’s body. Furthermore, these techniques are so simple that they can easily be performed at home without having to go to a shiatsu massage centre.


If you plan to treat yourself at home, you would need :

A bed to lay down on

a pillow to rest your head

A partner to do it for you




  • 1

Bruce Lee was right; there are a number of pressure points in the human body. One of these points is at the back of the hand, at the place where thumb and index finger muscles meet each other. Press that point or have someone else press it for you. This will not only promote digestion but will also improve downward flow of ki (energy).


  • 2

Apply a small amount of pressure to the area in front of the bottom rib with your middle finger. This will prove helpful at eliminating stagnation and promoting flow of digestion towards lower part of the body.


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Gently press the pressure point on your breastbone, right in the middle of your diaphragm and collarbone, and hold it for 2 to 3 minutes. This practice is especially useful to calm the nervous system by stopping the rebellious upward flow of energy.


  • 4

Bring together all four of your fingers on one hand and gently pressurize the area above your naval – in the middle of your body. This proves really helpful in decreasing bloating.


  • 5

Another pressure point is located on the outside part of the lower leg and beneath the kneecap, at the point where two bones meet each other. Apply and hold firm pressure on this pressure point to regulate your stomach and sedate rebellious energy. This step should be avoided by pregnant patients though.


  • 6

Anxiety is one of many causes of nausea. Such nausea can be relieved by applying pressure on the pressure point just above the inner crease of your wrist and right in the middle of the forearm. Feel for a slight depression in the middle of the forearm to locate the pressure point.


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