Four Ways Sex Helps to Reduce Stress

Sex is a very enjoyable activity, which causes incredible sensations of joy and pleasure for both partners and in addition to the great pleasure derived from sex, it also has great benefits for health such as reducing stress levels, if done correctly and under no pressure.

It’s really just common sense: when we do something we love and enjoy and we are not doing it under pressure or doing it incorrectly, we will have fun and feel relaxed. Read on to learn more on how sex could help reduce stress:

1. Sex boosts the part of the brain that reduces stress

Reduces Stress

In a study conducted on rats, those who had sexual intercourse every day for two weeks, had increased cell growth in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for managing stress.

Although this study was conducted on rats, researchers say, it can also be applied to humans as rats are actually mammals, just like human beings.

2. Sex releases feel-good hormones

Feel Good Hormones


The love hormone oxytocin and similar compounds (such as endorphins) are released during sexual intercourse which make people feel good, relieves stress and also act as a sedative.

3. Sex reduces frustration

Sexual Frustration


In a study conducted by the University of Gottingen in Germany, it was discovered that couples who have sex less often, have increased stress and frustration levels, and they try to relieve this stress and frustration by taking on more work, which usually leads to even higher stress levels.

4. Sex reduces the impact of bad news and experiences

Although sexual intercourse might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you receive bad news, there is some evidence that this approach might have some merit. One commenter, Valerie Frankel, wrote that once when she and her husband received a particularly large Visa bill, they were worried; but then they decided to make love to relieve this worry, and when they came back to the bill later, they were less anxious and worried than they were before the sex.


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