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Did You Know There’s Instructions In What To Drink And When To Drink It?


A country packed with coffee shops and convenience stores that offer tanker-sized soda options, then it’s no surprise that many of us drink way more calories than we need to. In fact, adding empty liquid calories is one of the worst dietary offenses we make.

1. When to Have: WATER

You’re feeling fatigue, have a headache, or are just plain old grumpy: A rule of thumb is that women need about 11 8 oz. cups of water a day and men need around 15 cups.

Losing weight:

Researchers found that over 12 weeks, dieters who drank water before meals three times per day lost about 5 pounds more than dieters who did not increase their water intake.

Tips: Drink two cups before every meal.

Exercise for less than 90 minutes:

Just because you sweat doesn’t mean you should reach for a sports drink. Yes, you need water for rehydration and because it helps lubricates joints and provides cushioning to organs and muscles, along with many other vital processes. However, people often overestimate their needs for sugar and sports drinks when exercising. Really, only water is needed unless you are active for more than 90 minutes with moderate to high intensity.

Tips:  Drink about 15 to 20 ounces two to three hours before exercise, and 8 to 10 ounces 10 to 15 minutes beforehand, and the same amount every 10 to 15 minutes during exercise.

2. When to Have:  TEA

Caffeine withdrawal:

Black tea may be the way to go when you want to reduce caffeine consumption. It has about 50 mg of caffeine per 8 oz. cup, as compared to coffee, which has between 100 to 190 mg per 8 oz. cup.

Stomach issues:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, teas are said to improve digestion by neutralizing the stomach acids.

3.When to Have: JUICE

Constipation relief:

Prune juice is rich in vitamin C and minerals, such as calcium and iron. It also has high insoluble fiber content, which helps move waste through the intestines to be eliminated. Drink some on the morning to help balance out the nutrients in breakfast.

Juice is best partnered with lean protein and complex carbohydrates to kick off the metabolism. Always look for 100 percent juice to avoid added sugars and calories.

Urinary tract infections (UTI):

Cranberry juice contains substances that inhibit the binding of bacteria to bladder tissue, which can help prevent urinary tract infections.

Tips: If you often suffer from recurrent UTI episodes, try a daily glass of 100 percent cranberry juice.

High-fat meal:

Having orange juice after double cheeseburger may help to neutralize the inflammatory response of a high fat meal.

Tips: Drink one glass after a high-fat meal.

4.When to Have:  COFFEE

Concerned about diabetes:

Coffee contains chromium and magnesium, two minerals that help the body use insulin the hormone that controls blood sugar, which may help prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Feeling the blues:

Caffeinated coffee has been shown to have several health benefits in women. A study found the more women drank caffeinated coffee, the less likely they were to have depressive symptoms.”


5. When to Have: BEER

Endurance boost:

Dark beer has higher iron content than lighter beers. Iron is an essential mineral within all cells and it carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. The more oxygen carriers you have, the easier your muscles can access the oxygen rich blood to keep you going. Although beer is 93 percent water, dark beers are a good source of antioxidants that reverse cellular damage in the body. Antioxidants are what you need to fight the natural exercise response to muscle damage inflammation, which can fuel a faster recovery.

Tips: A beer now and then with meal is fine, but it’s best to avoid alcohol consumption 1 to 2 hours before bedtime so your sleep isn’t disrupted.

6. When to Have: LEMONADE

Immune support:

Due to its rich vitamin C content, lemons strengthen the immune system and are very cleansing. Lemonade made from fresh lemons, water, and a small amount of sweetener, raw honey, or raw agave, is detoxifying, freshening, and cooling.

7. When to Have: A SMOOTHIE

Meal on-the-go:

Commercial brands pack on up tons of calories and sugars, so make your own. A healthy smoothie ingredient list should include: Lots of greens, fresh fruit, a water-to-milk ratio of three parts water to one part milk or unsweetened non-dairy milk (such as almond milk) protein-rich chia seeds, hemp seeds, all-natural almond butter, or a scoop of a green and/or protein powder.

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